Afternoon Delight: Season 2 of “Exes & Ohs” gets a premiere date, the push for a “South of Nowhere” movie


Good afternoon and attention Spashley fans! Cowgirl Up executive producer Nancylee Myatt is trying to resurrect your favorite N show and create a South of Nowhere movie. The cast has reunited and created a pitch to try to make the SON movie a reality.

Would you watch the SON movie?

And I have more good news! Season 2 of Logo’s Exes & Ohs will premiere on June 29 at 7:30 pm. Have you missed Michelle Paradise, Marnie Alton and company?

If you’re in Los Angeles this Saturday night (April 16) join Linda Perry, Cat Power, Juliette Lewis, Sarah Silverman and Cyndi Lauper at “An Evening With Women.” Lauper recently spoke with the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center about her love of the LGBT community and the queer youth housing she’s building in Harlem, New York.

I have had a very long and enduring love affair with the LGBT community. The community has been there for me throughout my career, and I hope that I have been there for the community whenever they have needed me. I am inspired by the community’s unwavering ability to never give up, especially in light of so much discrimination and hatred in the world. It is the first type of housing like this in New York specifically for LGBT youth. It is almost built and will open this summer. We are very excited to finally open the doors.

I have a vision that when the building’s front doors open a ray of sunshine will cover every tile on the floor and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” will blast in the foyer. I wonder if Lauper is accepting rental applications.

Check back tomorrow for our interview with Perry about the event.

If you missed this year’s Dinah Shore weekend then you didn’t see Chely Wright perform live or me get smashed in the face (repeatedly) in a game of dodgeball. You also missed out on the annual Dance Magic Contest hosted by Fortune Feimster and moi. If you desperately want to see grown women wearing leotards and making asses out of themselves,check out the highlights in this video. The winner is the one hanging from the rafters.

Congratulations to Taiwan for publishing its first lesbian magazine LEZS! The magazine features “arts, fashion and notes on lesbian lifestyle.” I never understand the term “lesbian lifestyle.” Do straight people have “lifestyles”? The first issue features, “interviews with editor-in-chief of Tao Chingying, bisexual writer Bei Li and singers Tanya Chua and Mavis Fan on their love lives, and a page of dialogues between lesbians that invites readers to contribute their views.”

The magazine also includes a lesbian perspective on tarot card readings regarding the “essential sensuality and capacity for affection of gay women.” My tarot card reading would indicate that I’ve reached maximum capacity in the gay women department, and then I’d probably get the Death card.

Loving Annabelle director Katherine Brooks’ new psychological thriller Waking Madison will premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival on May 2. Waking Madison is about a young woman who attempts suicide and becomes caught up in a world in which she can’t figure out who or what is real. The film stars Elisabeth Shue, Taryn Manning, Sarah Roemer, Will Patton and Frances Conroy.

Check out the film festival website for tickets and more information

NME reports that Lady Gaga is causing controversy again with her newest music video “Judas,” which isn’t even out yet! Now that’s impressive.

Angry religious groups are up in arms because in the video Gaga will portray Biblical character Mary Magdalene alongside actor Norman Reedus, who will be playing Judas. I think Gaga will make a lovely Mary Magdalene. Can I play the burning bush?

The controversy started last week when Gaga posted a clip of the video entitled “Gagavision No. 14.” The full video for “Judas” will debut on April 19. The Catholic League For Religious and Civil Rights claim Gaga’s newest song is a stunt aimed to f–k up Easter (though that’s not exactly how they worded it). Catholic League President Bill Donahue said, “People have real talent, and then there is Lady Gaga. I find Gaga to be increasingly irrelevant.” I find Sarah Palin and fat-free peanut butter to be irrelevant, but I keep these things to myself! I reached out to the Easter Bunny for his reaction to this story, but he refused to comment.

It’s no surprise that many people fear that coming out in the workplace will jeopardize their careers. The Executive Vice President and General Manager of Logo (’s parent company), Lisa Sherman, spent 17 years in the closet working at Verizon before coming out professionally. Sherman was out in every other aspect of her life but feared prejudice at work. Sherman eventually came out and helped build the Logo Network. Sherman sat down with dot429 columnist R. Couri Hay to discuss her career and starting up the first ever-gay television network. Watch the video and get ready to be inspired.

Lesbian/Bi Photo of the Day:

Anna Paquin at the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party with guest.

I am not a fan of scary movies but I am a fan of out actress Anna Paquin. Paquin stars in Scream 4, due in theaters this Friday (April 15). I have a feeling Paquin will survive the knife-welding killer as long as she uses her True Blood mind-reading powers to tap into the killer’s thoughts. If she can’t transfer her TV powers to film, then I’m betting Paquin will be killed off in the first 30 minutes. Do you think Paquin will survive the Scream franchise and live to see Scream 5?

See you tomorrow!

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