Afternoon Delight: Padma wants to motorboat a “Top Chef” All-Star, TCM honors Elizabeth Taylor

on reports that when the Top Chef All-Stars were asked who on the show they’d most like to date, host Padma Lakshmi replied, “I know it wasn’t included in the choice but I’d like to go on a date with either Elia or Casey. Or I could motorboat Antonia!”

Yes, Padma, you could! has a fun article about what some of our favorite shows would look like if they lived on Showtime. They think that on Grey’s Anatomy, Callie (Sara Ramirez) would become addicted to painkillers after recent accident and “has to have an affair with the sexy female pharmacist in order to feed her addiction.” Should we begin our fantasy casting for that role now?

Ready for the big Degrassi episode tonight? Star Annie J. Clark (aka Fiona) talked to about her character and the budding romance with Adam (Jordy Todosey) and admitted, “I wasn’t really sure how people were going to react that, because we don’t see it as much. But people are loving ‘Fadam.’ I get tweets all the time being like, ‘Fadam needs to work,’ and even ‘Annie and Jordy Todosey need to date in real life!’ I was like, ‘Well, I don’t know about that.'”

Check back for our interviews with both Clark and Todosey, coming soon! has a list of the “Best Lesbian Scenes” in film. Their picks include Bound, Wild Side, The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love, The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks, and Gia. While a film about sex and eating utensils does sound titillating, the list is clearly coming from a straight perspective (“Every guy (and more than a few gals) likes to see hot actresses get it on with each other.”), so keep that in mind if you read it. I have to agree with the inclusion of Bound and Wild Side, though.

Remember when we told you about the Bluewater Productions comic Female Force: Rosie O’Donnell? Well it sold out one day after its release from the distributor.

Obviously this means we need more comics about famous lesbians.

Turner Classic Movies will honor the memory of the late LGBTQ advocate Elizabeth Taylor on Sunday with a 24-hour marathon of 11 of her more memorable films. The lineup includes National Velvet, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Father of the Bride, and (my personal favorites) Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Butterfield 8, and Giant.

Missing from the list is Reflections in a Golden Eye, the 1967 film (based on the book by Carson McCullers) positively dripping with repressed homosexuality. In it Taylor beats her husband (played by Marlon Brando) with a riding crop, and not at his invitation! (If you watch, let me assure you that you’ll also never think of garden shears the same way again. I won’t spoil it, because the spoiler would probably deter you from watching at all.)

Lesbian/bi Podcast of the Day:

Amanda Palmer, Kim Airs, and out actress Kirsten Vangsness recently joined Kevin Smith‘s SModcastle and talked about “sex, sex toys, safe sex, fun sex, fun (but safe) sex with sex toys, and much more.” If that’s not enough to entice you to have a listen, keep in mind that all of the proceeds from the download will go to Planned Parenthood.

Have a great weekend!

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