Morning Brew – Friday, April 1: Jane Lynch channels David Bowie, “Pretty Little Liars” are back to work, gays get their own beer


Good morning, sunshines! Did you hear the news? Callie said yes to Arizona’s proposal on Grey’s Anatomy last night! We’re going to have ourselves a full-on, primetime lesbian wedding on broadcast TV next month! Five years ago, that kind of lede would have been a colossal April Fool’s Day joke, but not anymore! Times, they are a-changing!

Grace Chu emailed me some photos of the AfterEllen team’s night out at The Dinah last night. They caught a comedy show with our favorite Fortune Feimster. 

And that other alliterative comedy genius, Paula Poundstone

If you’re at The Dinah, be sure to stop by and say hi to the AfterEllen gang. 

Last night, Jane Lynch told Access Hollywood that she was on the set of Glee dressed up as David Bowie:

“I’m dressing up as David Bowie today. Sue Sylvester is going incognito as David Bowie. I mean, come on. Who gets to do this kind of stuff?”

Jane wouldn’t say which incarnation of Bowie she was channeling, but I’m hoping for either Ziggy Stardust or a “Serious Moonlighting”-caliber tux. (And if Rachel Berry is the clown from “Ashes to Ashes,” all the better!)

This week’s episode of Off the Map finally featured that lesbian couple we’ve been hearing about. Fran and Charlene are on their second honeymoon, bickering about whether or not to enjoy a couples massage or a paragliding lesson. Charlene pushes the paragliding, and Fran ends up crashing and almost dying. They rekindle their relationship over Fran’s life-threatening surgery, with Charlene promising to stop focusing on the stuff Fran does that drives her bonkers. (That makes two Shonda Rhimes stories this week in which lesbian couples recommit after near-death experiences! Better than watching lesbian bed death, I say!)

Earlier this week, Bridget McManus told us about a new Freckles music video that features the age-old story of a lesbian falling in love with her straight best friend. You guys liked it so much, and I’ve got some good news for you: You can download the single, “Uh huh,” for free from Freckles’ official site!

Yesterday, Pretty Little Liars boss Marlene King let us know the girls of Rosewood are back for their first table read of the second season! She even Tweeted this photo of Troian Bellisario (in glasses!) to prove it!

(Thanks for the tip, Dii!) features a cute story about a reluctant lesbian grandma in their “Real Families” section today.

Who am I to them? Well, I’m not exactly grandma, because my partner fills that role as their “blood”grandma, the woman who raised their parents. Mostly, I’m just plan Sandy to them. Do they care that we are both women and gay? They think it’s just fine. And while I never would have asked for this, I’ve also realized that now, I can’t imagine living without them.

I took a while to warm up to the idea of having little people who saw me as part of the family scene. When I signed onto this caravan there was just one little creature, a yellow-haired tyke who raced naked down hallways, pushing a toy stroller, and hid under the grand piano with his grandma (a lively creature herself) when it was time to disappear. I watched from the middle distance, waiting to see if I would like him.

This morning, one of my personal favorite pre-weekend websites, Atlanta Beer Master, highlighted a little something called “Purple Hands Beer” — the world’s first gay beer! Mexico’s Minerva Brewing is marketing the booze, targeting the “important and demanding” LGBT community. Apparently the label can be reused as a sticker for laptops and stuff. The beer will make the leap to American markets some time the year. Until then, AfterEllen field trip to Cozumel?

I hope your weekend is as lovely a bottle of queer-specific, honey-based ale!

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