Morning Brew – Thursday, March 31: “The Playboy Club” may be more naked than we thought, Lady Gaga joins “V Magazine”


Top o’ the mornin’, Brewbies. Trish Bendix is off to Palm Springs to “work” at The Dinah, so I’ll be navigating you through your morning gay today and tomorrow. Actually, I’m not used to writing this early, so I think I’ll let Bridget McManus kick things off while I get a third cup of coffee.

Take it away, McManus.

Today is the start of the 21st annual The Dinah! Plenty of contributors will be at The Dinah this year participating in a variety of events and looking to meet up with our readers! First up is our annual Dance Magic contest at 5 pm on Friday, April 1 on the mainstage by the main pool at The Riviera Resort, hosted by yours truly and my fellow comedian Fortune Feimster. The winner will get to display their extreme dance moves on my Logo show Bridget McManus presents That Time of the Month.

On Saturday, April 2, from 9 am to 5 pm, is hosting the Cabana Girl Pool Party (also at the Riviera main pool), and at noon come join us at our Logo Lounge for an AE meet up. In attendance will be Trish Bendix, Dara Nai, Fortune Feimster, Lesley Goldberg, Grace Chu, Karman Kregloe, myself and the band That’s What She Said, who will also be performing in the lounge at 1 pm. I hope to see you there, so start stretching!

Having watched Dance Magic preform, I can assure you that she’s serious about the stretching.

You know Amber Heard‘s new NBC show The Playboy Club that we can’t stop talking about? Well, Variety can’t stop talking about it either. Yesterday they reported that “Contracts for talent signed to the show contain a nudity clause that is typical of pay TV programming but virtually unheard of in the broadcast biz.” Apparently, Heard & Co.’s contracts stipulate that they may be required to film nude scenes “and/or simulated sex acts.” Of course those kinds of shenanigans will never make it to primetime broadcast TV, but Variety wonders if 20th Century Fox might be planning to release a more explicit version of the show for overseas/cable syndication, or on DVD.

You know, overseas. Where they’re not scared of bare boobs like we are here in America.

Swedish pop superstar Robyn spoke with Frontiers magazine about her gay fan-base:

I’ve always felt like an outsider. I think the gay community just gets me, and I’m very lucky to have that audience — it’s a very loyal and dedicated audience.I think a big part of my audience is gay because I make dance music and club music, and that culture came out of gay culture — but also because having an understanding of outsider culture has always been in my music.

The omnipresent Lady Gaga will soon be even more omnipresent. Starting in May, she’ll be joining V Magazine as a fashion and art columnist. My favorite part of the announcement is that Gaga is is encouraging fans to submit artwork to run with her column. You can email your submissions to [email protected]

Speaking of being drawn this way, yesterday, Ryan North’s “Dinosaur Comics” — also known as The Greatest Webcomic on The Web — addressed one of the issues we rarely hear about in the marriage equality debate.

If you’re not reading Dinosaur Comics, your life is not as awesome as it could be.

Tonight is the night of the much-hyped, highly anticipated Grey’s Anatomy musical episode. Lesley Goldberg will have all the last minute details for you this afternoon, so stay tuned for that!

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