New Music Tuesday: 3-29-2011


Another Tuesday is here and bears with it some amazing music. Seriously, the summer is coming and a lot of the tunes being offered up today will, no doubt, be perfect for playing on the beach as you soak up the sun or get ready to go out. For those of you on the other side of the world who are preparing for winter, there are a few albums on here to get you through the cold nights as well.

The SoundsSomething to Die For (SideOneDummy)

Today’s top spot goes to some post-New Wave rockers from Sweden. Not only is lead singer Maja Ivarsson insanely hot, she also knows how to take control of the mic. They’ve been making indie dance floors look good since 1998 though their English debut was in 2002 (and I had to buy their album off of CD Baby).

Beth DittoEP (Deconstruction Records)

The only reason the love of my life (one of them), Beth Ditto, didn’t get the top spot today is because it’s an EP and not a full length. This collaboration with Simian Mobile Disco picks up where their last collaboration (on their album, Temporary Pleasures) left off. While her usual modus operandi with The Gossip is to get you wet on the dance floor as you jump and scream the lyrics, this is something for the loungers to sit back and chill out with.

YelleSafari Disco Club (Recreation Center)

I love the smell of French disco pop in the morning. I’ve talked about this group in my Weekly Women to Listen To column and stand by my belief that their sound can’t help but put a smile on your face. Also do yourself a favor and watch the videos they put out.

Britney SpearsFemme Fatale (Jive Records)

Brit Brit goes back to what works well for her – highly produced club jams ready for the radio and the dance floor. The pop princess may have stopped putting out jaw-dropping performances, but this album will no doubt be blasting in the cars of all your gay boy BFFs all summer long.

True WidowAs High as the Highest Heavens and From the Center to the Circumference of the Earth (Kemado)

The best way for me to describe the sound of this album is to say 9’0s Seattle grunge meets some of the surf rock being put out today. It’s kind of low-fi emo rock so if you’re ever in the mood to wallow in self-pity, this could make a great soundtrack.

Heidi Spencer & The Rare BirdsUnder Streetlight Glow (Bella Union)

This is the only time I ever want to see the names “Heidi” and “Spencer” together. This poor musician had to sit and watch idly as two fame whores took her first and last name and turned them into hated household names. It is most unfortunate because Heidi actually has a pretty great sound. The cadence of her voice along with the alt-country twang of her guitar reminds me very much of Frazey Ford, which adds at least ten cool points.

Honorable Mentions: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Boxer Rebellion, Wiz Khalifa, Los Lonely Boys, The Human League (who were actually my very first concert as a six-year old), The Mountain Goats, Peter, Bjorn and John, Snoop Dogg, Sum 41, Whitesnake, The Band of Heathens, Bibio, Emery, Fredrik (pretty cool atmospheric Swedish group) and Mary Mary.

That’s it for this week! Did I miss any albums the world should know about? (Please keep in mind that if an artist is missing, it might be because their U.S. release isn’t happening today.)

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