Afternoon Delight: Beth Ditto raises the roof, just how gay is Liz Feldman?


Happy Monday, troops!

Speaking of the troops, today CNN announced a new magazine designed for and by gay military members called OutServe. Outserve is an underground network of actively serving military members of the United States Armed Services who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The co-director of the organization, who goes by the pseudonym JD Smith, said in statement, “Our first objective with the magazine is to let all the gay, lesbian, bi, and trans members currently serving know that they are not alone.” No, they are not alone and I commend them for their hard work and courage.  The magazine is available for download via the website.

Superman: Man of Steel director Zack Snyder spoke to the Los Angeles Times and confirmed that actress Amy Adams has been cast to play Lois Lane in the upcoming action film due out in theaters December 2012.

I’m sure Adams will do a smashing job, but when is SuperWoman going to make it to the big screen?  If I could cast that film I would give the title role to Twilight’s Nikki Reed. Who would you cast in the role?

The Bottomline Magazine always asks the important questions in their interviews like, “How gay is Liz Feldman?” (Answer: She is VERY gay!) During the interview the Emmy-winning comedian/writer and This Just Out host discussed her appreciation of “pretty men” and walking away from Hot in Cleveland’s second season. Feldman decided to focus her energy on her newest pilot, which I hope gets picked up immediately. Whatever Feldman is selling, I’m buying.

Rumer Willis will star in the upcoming indie film The Diary of Preston Plummer.  Willis plays Kate, a beautiful but troubled woman with a dark family secret. 

What could the secret be? She’s a cannibal? (Nah, too messy.) She’s a Satanist? (Nope, she’s too cute to be a devil worshiper.) She is a part of Big Love-style polygamist family? (Wait, I just had a lovely vision of Willis and Gennifer Goodwin … ) The film doesn’t have a release date yet, but I’m hoping it hits theaters soon so I can figure out what this damn secret is! Or I can just daydream about Willis and Goodwin a little longer.

In Dawn Denbo news, The L Word actress Elizabeth Keener will host the new game show, Who Knows Her Better? The premise is a straight couple and their gay best friend will be asked a series of questions to see if the husband or the gay best friend knows the woman better. (My money is on the gay best friend.) The show will be shooting on April 18 in Chicago, so if you’re in the Windy City you can purchase tickets to be a part of the live studio audience. 

Over the weekend Catherine Deneuve’s comedy Potiche (aka Trophy Wife) finally landed in theaters in the US and Spain! (The film is already available on DVD in France. Gosh, the US is slow!) The film is set in 1977 and Deneuve plays a stay at home “trophy wife” who takes the reigns of the family business when her husband suffers a heart attack. And of course, being a woman, Deneuve does a better job running the company than her husband ever did.


Leotard enthusiast and comedian Fortune Feimster will be on Chelsea Lately’s round table tonight. Tune in to E! tonight at 11pm to watch Fortune represent!

Lesbian/Bi Photo of the Day:

Out diva Beth Ditto raising the roof with singer Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran during the taping of Unstaged: An Original Series From American Express, which was shot in Los Angeles on March 23.

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