Afternoon Delight: Chely Wright’s new dance remix and Gaga gabs with Google


Happy Birthday, Alyson Hannigan! The How I Mother Your Mother and Buffy star has signed on for American Reunion, the fourth installment of the America Pie series. It’s been 12 years since Jason Biggs “made it” with that pastry and I still can’t eat pie to this day (but that’s more because pie sucks and I’d rather eat a hot fudge sundae).

If you’re a Chely Wright fan and you love strobe lights and glow sticks, then check out the dance remix of “Damn Liar.” The country star takes off her cowgirl boots and puts on her dancing shoes (I wear sneakers when I dance) for the newest version of her song, which was featured on her 2010 album Lifted Off the Ground.

After years of being referred to as a “bitch” Tabatha Coffey (Tabatha’s Solon Takeover) decided to embrace the insult and turn it into something positive. According to CNN, in Coffey’s world the word “bitch” is an acronym for “Bravery. Intelligence. Tenacity. Creativity. Honesty.” It’s great that Coffey has found something good in something others may find to be hurtful. But as a regular viewer of Coffey’s Bravo show, I have a feeling that those people referring to her as a “bitch” aren’t commenting on her creativity.


There is only one week left until Grey’s Anatomy Musical Event! Next Thursday (March 31) Sara Ramirez and the Grey’s cast will return with more drama, more suspense and a chorus line! (I’m not sure if that’s true, but wouldn’t you love to see Arizona and Cristina do a can-can number?)

Here’s a preview:


Actress Chyler Leigh, who plays Dr. Lexie Grey on the nighttime medical soap opera, offered some insight into the upcoming episode in an interview with TVFanatic. Leigh revealed, “I’m singing ‘Breathe (2 AM)’ by Anna Nalick, and Sarah Drew (April) and I both do the chorus on a song called ‘Grace.’

That’s it! I’m not revealing anything else about the highly anticipated Glee-like episode but if you want more information read Leigh’s interview for spoilers.

If you’re like me and just killing time until next week’s Grey’s episode, you can pass the minutes by watching Lady Gaga’s hour-long interview with Google Vice President Marissa Mayer.

In the interview, Gaga rocked her best Tracy Turnblad hairpiece and joked with the audience about just getting out of jail. Last week Gaga opened a moderator page on her YouTube channel and within a few days she received 54,000 questions (that’s it?), some of which she answered in this exclusive interview.

Gaga, who is the most downloaded artist in history, discussed her stance on bullying (at the 11:55 mark), her new album Born This Way (at the 13:30 mark) and how she likes to rehearse after downing a couple of martinis (at the 16:30 mark).


Independent film director Patricia Richardson told The San Diego Gay and Lesbian News that she doesn’t think there are enough lesbian lead characters in movies. I second that emotion! Richardson (who is a lesbian) made her directorial debut with the film Detour, about a lesbian Middle Eastern surgical resident named Kendal Lawrence who is abducted in New York. The police stop searching for Kendal, so her girlfriend launches her own investigation. Lesbians to the rescue!

Detour will make its West Coast debut at the The Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival this Saturday March, 26 at 9:30 pm at the The Laemmle Sunset 5 Theater in West Hollywood.

Here’s the trailer:


The struggle continues for gay parents in the United States. The New York Times recently reported on a lesbian couple from Michigan (a state that doesn’t allow same-sex couples to perform second-parent adoptions), and discussed the hoops gay parents must jump through when their families aren’t recognized. Second-parent adoptions allow one partner to adopt the other’s biological or adopted children. Even though these woman have been together for more than 11 years and have two children, the state of Michigan still views one woman as the parent and the other as a legal stranger.

If you want to be outraged and hopefully inspired to do something to change this injustice, then read the NYT article.

Reading that article made me a little depressed. What will make me happy? Seeing a picture of lesbian teen activist Constance McMillen!

Lesbian/ bi photo of the day:

McMillen sported her NoH8 faux face tattoo at the 2010 Annual GLAAD Media Awards, and she proves that one person can make a difference!

That’s it. See you tomorrow!

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