Styled Out: Stealing Franky’s style


This week in Styled Out, we’re going to blast Franky Fitzgerald of Skins with a big old spotlight because girl has got it going on.

How do you pull of the GenderQueer, you might wonder? It’s a total subcategory on the LGBT spectrum that can pretty much be however you define it but I really like the way this broad chose to take it. I’m not really sure how you pull off both ethereal and androgynous in the same wardrobe and haircut combination, but somehow she’s done it.

Notable outfit choices include this sequined sweater vest paired with a smart button down, light jacket and ribbon bow tie.

So, how do you copy her? Try both Urban Outfitters and Bloomingdales. It’s almost like she’s giving us a wink and a nod to another era, no?

I’m also loving that eye makeup, girl. Sure, sure, you could go running off to the M.A.C. counter to feel that niche but you could also get a few more colors (dare I say, more bang for your buck?) to emulate the eyes that Franky wears so fiercely.

Check out Urban Decay, most specifically the The Black Palette.

I love everything about a redhead in gray. Word on the street is that Banana Republic is housing a plethora of perfect shades of gray this season. Follow her lead and throw something in the blue-ish gray family on.

How much do you love Franky’s look on Skins?

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