Afternoon Delight: A new music video from Heather Peace, casting a young Angelina Jolie


Happy Monday and a very happy birthday to Rosie O’Donnell who turns 49 today! The former “Queen of Nice” is prepping for her new daily talk show on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

O’Donnell explained the premise of her talk show, The Rosie O’Donnell Show (what an original name!) to Oprah herself:

This show won’t be as celebrity focused; guests won’t be promoting their movies for eight minutes. The show will be about real people and real issues. I’ll focus on a single topic for one hour, things people deal with every day. Raising children. The education system in America. Autism. Relationships, health, weight, depression — and happy stuff, too, of course. I envision the show being full of love and laughter.

Production on Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit has finally begun! After many stops and starts, the movie is finally shooting in Wellington, New Zealand. You can follow the film’s journey on The Hobbit’s Facebook page. I find it a little disturbing that a hairy-footed fictitious character is going to have more friends on FB than me!

Martin Freeman has been cast in the title role as Bilbo Baggins and Ian McKellen returns as Gandalf the Grey. Cate Blanchett also returns (my prayers have been answered!) as Galadriel as well as Andy Serkis (Gollum) and Elijah Wood as Frodo. 

Speaking of magical wizards, Harry Potter himself, Danielle Radcliffe, is being honored by the Trevor Project for his advocacy on behalf of the LGBT community. Radcliffe will receive the “Hero Award” and spoke to the AP about his support of the Trevor Project (which he became aware of in 2008 while starring in the revival of Equus on Broadway). Radcliffe says of the honor, “It’s fantastic. The fact that they think of what I’ve done by promoting awareness of the Trevor Project itself and the issues that it works to promote and help is a great honor.”

Anyone But Me star Nicole Pacent was interviewed by EDGE and discussed her attempt to play a young Angelina Jolie in Wanted 2. The role was eventually nixed from the script but whom would you have cast to play the young Jolie? Do you think Pacent and Jolie look alike?

If you’re a Pacent fan you can see her strutting her stuff on the red carpet at The Dinah at the end of this month in Palm Springs.

If you’re planning on going to The Dinah to get trashed, how about getting trashed with GirlTrash? On Saturday April 2 from 1 pm to 4 pm there will be an exclusive premiere of director Angela Robinson’s Girltrash Web-Series Pool Party with a special live performance by Lisa Rieffel and her band Killola at the Riviera Resort & Spa. Hanging out by the second pool (how many pools are there?) will be stars Clementine Ford (The L Word), Malaya Rivera Drew (The L Word), Gabrielle Christian (South of Nowhere), Mandy Musgrave (South of Nowhere, Cowgirl Up) and Michelle Lombardo (Entourage.)

The one and only Heather Peace (Lip Service) recently posted her newest music video for “My Way Only.”


If you live in the UK and want to see Peace perform live, check out her spring tour schedule.

In more music news Stooshe, a new girl band from South East London debuted their song “F-ck Me.” If you’re squeamish like me, check out their attempt at a cleaner version of the song called “Love Me.” 

I’ve decided that Stooshe is the love child of the Spice Girls and TLC, if they made love while on acid.  Did I just write “made love”? Gross!

Stooshe’s 18-year old blonde frontwoman Courtney Rumbold is the rumored lesbian of the group and at the 2:33 mark Rumbold breaks it down, “I’m joking! You know I don’t do d–k.” Well thanks for the clarification. Lesbian or not, I like Rumbold’s fauxhawk.

Lesbian/Bi Photo of the Day:

Out comedian Sandra Valls enjoyed the cheese plate after her performance for LifeWorks at last night’s sold-out fundraiser for the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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