Styled Out: Revisiting ’90s activism


I’m a big fan of NYC based boutique Open Ceremony and they’ve found a way to tug on my heart strings yet again. The return of the ‘90s has been all up in our face now for well over a year (duh), but since when is revisiting former activism been en vogue? Well, thanks to Act Up, you can be a part of the latest and greatest while simultaneously helping to end the A.I.D.S. crisis. It’s the best follow up to your Toms purchase that could ever happen.

Everyone can respect a good vintage T, no? It needs to be noted that this particular re-release is just that; a recycling of a message that meant so much to the queer community in it’s time that it’s a new investment for an intensely important point.

The gay community reclaimed the pink triangle in the ‘70s as a form of activism instead of a symbol of shame, which it was formally known as. The triangle was flipped right side up (when used to brand homos during WWII it was inverted) was instantly transformed into a badge of solidarity. Thanks to the rebirth of the message and T-shirt, you can rock it without getting it permanently branded on your person like Fairuza Balk. Hers is blue, but you get my point.

If 50 bones in a little out of your price range at the moment, consider involving yourself in another fashion-fueled cause like Multee Purpose. I absolutely love this site, and with a plethora of causes to choose from, you could practically re-wardrobe yourself while funding the foundation it supports.

You can also make your own T for under 20 bucks if you can’t find the right fit to get your message out there. I am personally considering making my own “The Ms. Education of Shelby Knox.” I f—ing love her! I wish she would make her own line to fuel the sex education and feminist cause.

Prevalent or pass?

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