Styled Out: Strong roots


Call it the Drew Barrymore; call it “recession” hair; call it anything you like, but the grown out look is number one in popularity in the world of hair color right now. As a hairdresser, I like to keep you guys in the know and give you an update from time to time to make sure you guys are at the top of your game and whatnot.

Let’s start with the facts. To get the look and keep up with the process is a further and fewer in between service than you’re probably used to if you get hair color regularly. Depending on how it’s done and how close the root color is tinted to your own natural head of hairs is a big factor. If you want to get a touch up every four to six months, make sure that the color chosen for the hair closest to your scalp (the root or outgrowth) is close to your natural, or, if it’s a touch darker than your natural, that it will fade appropriately.

There are two services that you can ask for if you’re interested in emulating this awesome and affordable ‘do. To get something more like Drew, ask for someone who specializes in the Ombre. The cool thing about this particular type of hair color is that you can rock it as subtly or dramatically as your heart desires.

You can also request to have a balayage, which is similar, but the color tends to be more broken up as opposed to solidly flowing from one shade to the next.

I think both results are gorgeous. Balayage is also an awesome alternative to traditional foil highlights for my fellow curly haired friends. The technique results in a much easier grow out and less highlighting touch up appointments.

I really love that the variation of techniques available makes it pretty much universally appropriate for all hair types and lengths. What do you think?

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