Afternoon Delight: Shunda K’s new video and Ruby Rose at Mardi Gras


Good news! James Bond (aka Daniel Craig) supports International Women’s Day (celebrated on March 8).

According to the YouTube channel for, the video was directed by Nowhere Boy director/conceptual artist Sam Taylor-Wood, scripted by Jane Goldman (Kick Ass) and features the voice of Dame Judi Dench reprising her role as ‘M’. Also, “The film will be screened in cinemas and streamed online in a bid to highlight the levels of inequality that persist between men and women in the UK and worldwide. It is the first film featuring Bond to be directed by a woman.”

Judge the Inappropriate Lesbian Cougar if you must, but you should also admit that you too might have used this spell on Emma Watson if it had been at your disposal.


You can watch other videos by ILC (Tonya Kong) here.

Ruby Rose (pictured here at Mardi Gras in Australia) is doing her part to bring the leopard print catsuit back.

Want to help the cause of marriage equality in Maryland? reader Daniel recommends the following:

If you are a Maryland resident, call and email your Delegates (you have three who represent you) using this tool from Equality Maryland or this website.  Equality Maryland even has a script you can use which will call you!  You can also check out phone banks organized by Equality Maryland here (down a bit on the right). If you know someone in Maryland, send them this information. 

Call and email the Speaker of the House of Delegates and tell him that the world is watching whether Maryland will vote for equality for all its citizens.

Emailing Gov. Martin O’ Malley to not just state he will sign the bill, but to be an advocate for LGBT rights.

While we’re on the topic, Rachel Maddow reports that the most Republican government in the US has voted down an anti-gay marriage bill.


In the latest dish on that upcoming Grey’s Anatomy musical episode, reports that “the episode centers on four characters, and features an extremely elaborate surgical scene that included all 14 cast members and took several grueling days to film.”

Somehow, Cyndi Lauper just knows how to make everything better. I wish I could get her to sit with me while I do my taxes.

Check out his groovy new video from Jill Sobule, Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman (aka Wendy and Lisa) and their friends created on site at TEDActive 2011. The music was recorded on board the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, which I wish I could have ridden to Harding Avenue Elementary School back in the day.


Out director Hedia Maron is looking for support for her Kickstarter campaign funding her film Before Us, described as “a documentary about adoption and the reach of family.” Maron tells us, “It is a personal documentary that will cover issues of adoption, queer adoption, DOMA and in wider terms – what family means. As a queer person and filmmaker I know that family – created or given, is an essential thing for survival.” Check out this video for what looks to be a very interesting and compelling story:


There are only three days left in Maron’s campaign, and she’s still a bit short of her $12,000 goal. Help if you can!

Finally, Shunda K has a new video for “I’m Da Best” (featuring Shon B.), the first from her debut album, The Most Wanted. (Warning, contains some NSFW language.)


Could a duet with Feminist Hulk be far behind? If you didn’t read it back in January, check out Mia’s interview with Shunda K.

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