Morning Brew – Monday, March 7: Fernanda Rocha makes her debut as a “Housewife,” Aubrey O’Day on her sexuality


Hi all! Did you have a nice weekend?

Last night, The Real Housewives of Orange County debuted its new season on Bravo with lesbian castmember Fernanda Rocha. She likes to flirt with her straight BFF Tamara.

Apparently Fernanda and Tamara posed together for some topless photos, causing some rumors about their friendship being a little more than casual. Bravo said, “Fernanda and Tamra are pals and they love to flirt…with each other. The pair model topless for a charity fundraiser poster, and their behavior spreads rumors and speculation in the O.C. circle.”

That topless photo? It was for NOH8.

Jasika Nicole was at the Emerald City Comic Con this weekend to rep Fringe alongside co-star John Noble. Look how cute she is!

A new study has found that lesbians and bisexual women are a little more, uh, adventurous in the bedroom. To find out what I mean, you can read the article at Salon.

Aubrey O’Day‘s new Oxygen series, All About Aubrey, premieres tonight and she spoke with The Advocate about her bisexuality.

I’m very honest when it comes to answering questions, and I strongly feel everything I said, which is that I don’t like labels. But could I end up with a woman? I love the movie Chasing Amy, where the lesbian character basically tells Ben Affleck that she doesn’t need to be defined by one thing or by what she’s been told to want her whole life. You can find love, commitment, and your best friend in anyone, so why would I limit myself to a certain segment of the population? So I still stand by everything that I said. It wasn’t a ploy for attention.

So will we see any bisexualness on her show?

I definitely go to lesbian bars, and you do see me kiss a girl on the show. You’ll see me exploring all kinds of options because I don’t want to limit myself.

When I chatted with her about it at TCA, she pointed to a bisexual moment being this highly publicized naked sauna visit with her best friend Krystal. So we’ll see.

Meredith Baxter‘s ex-husband David Birney has responded to her abuse claims and, not so shockingly, he doesn’t own up. He says:

During that time she arrived in court repeatedly with various lawyers and several therapists, “recovered memories,” accusations of abuse — a common charge in custody disputes — and tales of our life together that bore little resemblance to truth — a mean spirited process that battered us all, especially the children. The court denied her suit on every occasion.This current recycled version of our family story is no more credible now than it was then.

I’m pretty sure that whatever it was could not be referred to accurately as a “fairy tale.” He seems like a sensitive guy, huh? Either way, Meredith will be a guest on The Talk today, so perhaps she will discuss his response.

Flavorwire has compiled The Evolution of Androgyny in Music Videos and it includes selections from Annie Lennox, Garbage, Janelle Monae and La Roux.

Michigan Womyn’s Festival has released their line-up for this summer’s fest and it includes Melissa Ferrick, Hunter Valentine, Thao, Invincible and Erase Errata. Basically now I have to go.

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