N.Y. Scene Feb. 2011: Wonder Women, Love Shack, Dirty Democracy, Truck Stop, and more


N.Y. Scene is a monthly column that chronicles lesbian nightlife, and venues and events of interest in New York. Grace Chu has come out of lesbian scene retirement to navigate the vast and ever-evolving New York City scene, so you don’t have to.

February saw unconventionally cold weather in the Big Apple, and promoters responded by collaborating to bring in larger crowds of women to steam up venues with their body heat. Plus, the ladies who work the door at your favorite girl parties dish on the crazy things people say to get into clubs for free – and absurdity encountered on the job in general.

Wonder Women launch – February 8, 2011

On February 8, 100 VIPs were invited to the launch of Wonder Women, a non-profit organization founded by entrepreneur Aliya Hallim-Byne, who heads OP.LYNX, the Women’s Network of Out Professionals, and restauranteur Yoanne Magris, who has appeared on Food Network’s Chopped and owns Manhattan-based French bistro Yo In Yo Out. During one of the coldest nights of the year, the venue, Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, was still rocking in the frigid waters of the Hudson at near capacity.

L-R: Yoanna Magris and Aliya Hallim-Byne

Wonder Women intends to empower women through networking events, mentoring programs, arts and culture events, and mind, body and spirit workshops. The event was catered by Yo In Yo Out, and pretty much every lesbian nightlife and events promoter was in attendance. Had a meteor hit the Arctic Sunrise that night, it would have crippled NYC lesbian nightlife. Fortunately, that did not happen, mostly because I would be out of a job.

While the gay ladies came out en masse, it should be noted that Wonder Women intends to empower all women, regardless of sexual orientation. To find out more, click here to read its mission and donate.

Love Shack – February 11, 2011

Originally slated to be held at Veranda, Maggie C and Nikki T Production’s inaugural event, Valentine’s Day bash Love Shack, was moved at the last minute to a more spacious venue, Crimson Club, to accommodate the slew of guests. Top DJ in the lesbian circuit DJ Brynn Taylor flew in from Los Angeles and  mixed sick tunes all night, as women sipped their complimentary bubbly. Some time after midnight, a B-52s cover band headed by someone who looked suspiciously like Maggie C in a pouf took the stage. The real Maggie C disappeared from the VIP area during that time. Who knows what really happened, but that chick with the hairstyle counterfeited by Snooki could really sing.

L to R: Maggie C and Nikki T

Will the real Maggie C please stand up?

Maggie C and Nikki T’s next event will be held March 17th at 49 Grove. Yes that March 17th. Gird your loins and your livers for “She’s No Saint,” a Saint Patrick’s Day party with an open vodka bar from 8-9pm. How many of you will be making it to work that Friday? Yeah, I didn’t think so. 

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