Your Weekly Women to Listen To: TLC, Making Friendz, Zorras and more


It’s Wednesday already and I just downloaded the “Words with Friends” app so I’ll be busy playing that for the next few weeks. In some crazy great news, I found out I’ll be interviewing Oh Land tomorrow afternoon. Now, on to some new music!


File Under: Hip-hop, R&B, one of my favorite groups ever

From: Atlanta

For Fans Of: Missy Elliott, P!nk, Destiny’s Child, Salt N Pepa, baby-making music (see: “Red Light Special,” “Creep”), socially conscious music (see: “Waterfalls,” “Unpretty”)

Bonus: When I was in junior high, my friends and I did a talent show dance to their jam, “Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg.” Also, the video for their song, “Unpretty” is still holds up as one of the best “love your body” messages I’ve ever seen. R.I.P. Left Eye!

Nad Mika

File Under: Raunchy electro-queer-disco goodness

From: Germany

For Fans Of: Peaches, yelling “Penis” loudly in public places, Chicks on Speed, Lesbians on Ecstasy, Anne Clark, Fischerspooner, if the Run Lola Run soundtrack were played in a sex club, leather, clamps (you know which kind I’m talking about)

Bonus: Many thanks to AfterEllen reader Heleit for the fantastic recommendation. I’ve been listening for the last week.

Making Friendz

File Under: Detroit garage punk rock, electro-punk

From: “The Neon Side of Town”

For Fans Of: Jason’s Basement-era Gossip, MEN, house parties with spilled beer on the floor and people dancing in the dining room, Erase Errata

Bonus: MF is queer to the max and you can grab a few free downloads from the Better Than Sex blog.

Hi Fashion

File Under: Electro-dance, dramatic raunch, awesomeness

From: L.A.

For Fans Of: Chicks on Speed’s “Eurotrash Girl,” Kelly “Shoes,” Fischerspooner, Peaches, costume parties, glitter, dancing in your room in front of the mirror, spandex hot pants

Bonus: Jen DM and her buddy Rick Gradone are both here and queer — get used to it! Jen is also an reader, so send her some high fives and booty shakes.

If The Kids

File Under: Electro dance, funk rock

From: France

For Fans Of: The Sounds, Hurts, LA Fashion Week, The Chemical Brothers, large sunglasses, dance parties, crepes, playing Twister with sexy strangers, CSS

Bonus: For their fantastic music video for “Life Is Now” they gave video cameras to groups of friends in Paris, New York, Tokyo and London and asked to document a typical night out for them. I’m not exactly sure where is where, but I’m going to assume London is the one that looks like Skins and makes me wish I grew up there.

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