Afternoon Delight: Lesbianish moments in a fan-created “Archie” comic movie trailer, Susan Sarandon on “30 Rock”


Time to face facts. You only have a couple of days left to see the nominated films before the Oscars are handed out on Sunday. Don’t think you can pull it off? Watch Ellen DeGeneres and Neil Patrick Harris reenact key scenes from the Best Picture category contenders below.


Now I’m off the hook for seeing The Social Network. Sweet!

Vulture is reporting that Susan Sarandon will guest on the March 17 episode (“Queen of Jordan”) of 30 Rock.

Ms. has an impressive list of creative ways to wrap up Black History Month.

The 10th Annual Experience Music Project Pop Conference (free and open to the public!) is taking place at UCLA this weekend. The Los Angeles Times blog has an interesting piece on one pre-conference panel in which female music industry “insiders” discussed gender, race, sexuality in pop music.

Lady Gaga visited The Gayle King Show and said that there would be two separate videos for the “Born This Way” single. I would love it if Gayle appeared in one or both versions wearing her self-described “one-piece Spanx and fishnet pantyhose.”

Gayle could, however, skip the flesh shoulder spikes. Those creep me out.

You know how we’re always looking for more lesbian/bi women on television? Well if you fit the bill and you’re a chef, maybe you should do us all a favor and submit yourself for casting consideration on Top Chef and Top Chef: Just Desserts. Casting calls start this weekend, in Houston on Sunday then NYC on Monday. Get more info at We need more chefbians on our TV menu!

Director Lisa Cholodenko talked to the New York Times about The Kids Are All Right and the Oscar race. They also asked her about the “continuum” of sexual identity:

In “Kids,” the Jules character seems to adapt pretty easily to having sex with a man. Is the idea that she has slept with men before?

I think my worldview is that everybody is on sort of a continuum. I respect people that are on either extreme, but my experience is that most people are not extremes. I think I always saw Nic as more of — if 10 is fully gay and 1 is fully straight, she might be a 7 and Jules might be more in the middle.

And what about you?

Where am I in the spectrum? I don’t know. Can I get back to you on that?

Some Archie comic book fans have made their version of an Archie movie, Riverdale. It’s kind of a hot mess. Fast forward to the last seconds of the trailer if you want to see Veronica and Betty (at least I think it’s them) make out.

Also, Jughead!? I never would have guessed he had a thing for Archie. I kind of want the US Skins kids to party competitively with the Riverdale kids, if for no other reason than to see if Tea would hook up with Veronica or Betty. Or Ethel. Or, well, all of them.

My wife (aka comedian Bridget McManus) is performing in Charlottesville, Virginia Saturday night (Feb. 26).

I’m hoping my fellow Southerners on AE might head over and catch the show (and also explain to her why biscuits and gravy are indeed delicious).

For those of you in the Los Angeles area, come on out tonight for an evening of deliciously hilarious songs from the ladies of That’s What She Said. The show is at M Bar (call 323-856-0036 for reservations) and starts at 8 pm They’re super funny and their songs are super gay. In fact, these are the women that brought us the “U-Haul” song. Please allow me to refresh your memory:


Finally, watch the Oscars with us Sunday night! Just use the hashtag #AEoscars, and we’ll include some of our favorite Tweets in our Oscar coverage the next day.

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