Afternoon Delight: Lindsey Shaw talks playing gay on “Pretty Little Liars,” BBC Radio reports on lesbian Muslim weddings



Here’s a juicy morsel to kick things off. has a dishy interview with Lindsey Shaw (aka Paige on Pretty Little Liars). In it, she discusses Paige and Emily’s big make out scene.

Lindsey told the reporter that her character "is totally and completely scared, just like every single person in high school" and “There’s this underlying fear of not being accepted. This is something that’s been festering, but she didn’t know [that kiss] was going to happen until it happened."

She also talks about working with Shay Mitchell (Emily) and why playing a queer teenager is important to her. There’s even a poll at the end of the interview in which you can weigh in on who Emily should be dating. (Yes, there is an "OTHER" option, so you can write in your own name if you feel the urge. And you do.) Thanks for the tip, Andy!

This trailer for the new webseries Cop Hard looks … interesting.

Not sure if Rita or the nun she makes out with will play big roles in the show, but Det. Hard’s moustache has me intrigued just enough to tune in either way. Thanks (?) for the tip, Michael!

Today, Trish Bendix sent me a link to a video of Cher saying "Wagon Wheel Watusi" over and over again for 10 minutes. Yep, slow news day.

So Ellen and Justin Bieber are BFFs? Even after his comments to Rolling Stone about abortion and gay identity?

Maybe she can help him rewrite those words too.

This Sunday, BBC Radio’s 5 Live will broadcast a story on the trend of lesbian Muslim weddings.

Some sweet news from our sibling site,, "Singer Rufus Wainwright and his fiance Jörn Weisbrodt are now proud parents to Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen." Congrats to the newly expanded family!

Hesta Prynn is generously offering up some free song downloads.

In her upcoming PBS special, Suze Orman’s Money Class (airing Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 7:00 p.m. ET), the out financial advisor will offer her "expert take on what actions everyone needs to consider to secure a hopeful and sustainable financial future in light of the new economic reality." My guess is that she’ll tell us to consider saving instead of spending. Remember, you can "consider" this approach but still not "take" it (says the woman who has been spending way too much on concert tickets lately).

An Horse‘s new album, Walls, is out in the US on April 26, but you can pre-order it now!

If you live in Southern California (or are at all willing to make last-minute travel arrangements) you might want to check out a couple of lezzie comedy shows this weekend. First, the Curiously Strong Comedy tour, starring Gloria Bigelow, Jackie Monahan and Vickie Shaw, kicks off Saturday, February 19 in Long Beach. For more information, check out the official website. And then there’s this:

Have a great weekend!

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