Afternoon Delight: Natasha Bedingfield at The Dinah, Roseanne’s nut farm


I apparently received some bad intel from my photo source yesterday when I told you that Amber Heard sang the national anthem at a NASCAR event in Florida over the weekend. Yes, she did tell the drivers to start their engines, but I’m told she did not sing. What a bummer. Like Fox Muldur, I wanted to believe. I’m sorry if I worked any of you into a lather with the idea of Amber on Broadway or Amber teaming up with Linda Perry or whatever else your minds may have concocted with that (incorrect) information.

In order to make it up to you, I’d like to direct your attention to this (legitimate!) opportunity to win her pants. Yes, you can be the proud owner of the Daisy Dukes she wears in Drive Angry.

Here are some pics from different angles, just so you can make an informed decision as whether or not you want to enter the contest. So, yes, the photos are for research purposes only.

So go win yourself a stranger’s britches!

Beth Ditto fans (that’s all of us, right?) will be pleased to know that you can pre-order her upcoming solo EP (with Simian Mobile Disco) on iTunes now. It slated for release on March 7. Color me stoked (and Badd). Follow this link for a preview of the EP. I am digging "I Wrote the Book."

The women over at tello Films have shared with us a teaser trailer for the first episode of their premium content series Cowgirl Up, starring Mandy Musgrave, Maribeth Monroe, Bridget McManus, Marnie Alton and a bunch of other ladies that I think will be to your liking. Check it out!

Natasha Bedingfield will be headlining the Hollywood Party at The Dinah Saturday, April 2, 2011 in Palm Springs. Not only do I hope she sings "Pocket Full of Sunshine," I also hope that Emma Stone will randomly appear onstage with her and reenact her Easy A performance of the song. With the birthday card, of course.

I’m not a huge supporter of reality television, but I am a Roseanne Barr enthusiast. So I will likely watch, and not even grudgingly, her upcoming Lifetime reality series. reports:

Lifetime has ordered a 16-episode docu-series about the comedienne’s life outside the Hollywood spotlight, which just so happens to involve running a macadamia and live stock farm on Hawaii’s Big Island. Barr’s longtime boyfriend, writer Johnny Argent, and her son Jake will co-star.

Roseanne also visited Oprah yesterday and talked about her nut farm and her goal to be totally self-sufficient and "grow everything I eat." I find this impressive, but unless someone develops Trader Joe’s Baked Onion Rings seeds, I don’t think it would work for me.

HBO is going to air a Lady Gaga concert special, Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Garden. The show will be taped on Feb. 21 and 22 at Madison Square Garden and will air on May 7. Gaga is producing, along with Troy Carter, Vincent Herbert and one of my favorite music producers, Jimmy Iovine.

I really can’t get enough of  our former RachelWatch correspondent Ali Davis‘s new column for, "This Week in Terrifying Science." Best. Title. Ever.

Finally, former AE vlogger Fortune Feimster is writing for Chelsea Lately now and has been popping up in random sketches on the show from time to time. Here she is with Chelsea co-star Chuy:

Tonight, she’ll be making her first appearance on the roundtable, so be sure to tune in at 11 pm on E! and provide the ratings boost that will prove that people really do want to see more lesbians on television!

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