Morning Brew – Tuesday, Feb. 15: A lesbian love story in the Ex-Boyfriends’ new video, Sara Quin on Letterman


Good morning!

Let’s get this creepy item out of the way. The woman who attempted to break into Ellen and Portia’s house was found to be “delusional conspiracy theorist” who is obsessed with Hilary Clinton. Apparently, Karen Grace Sjoden was found with a “rambling letter that referenced the former First Lady and a dossier of the names and addresses of Hollywood’s elite.” She was “arrested ‘laying in wait’ under cushions on the DeGeneres’ kitchen deck.” Shudder. Thank god for security guards.

I am loving this video for “Uh-Oh” from Ex-Boyfriends. Unfortunately, the girl who stars in it isn’t getting that loving feeling.

Cute, right? has an interview with Jasika Nicole in which she talks about upcoming Fringe storylines, her drawing projects and doing scenes with co-star Anna Torv. Will we be seeing some more Astrid/Olivia bonding in the near future?

…After we did the scene [together], they said, “Oh yeah, we’re going to put in a lot more Astrid/Olivia scenes.” Which I haven’t seen yet but it’s only 15 but it makes sense for the two female characters who work with each other to have some kind of a bond. It hasn’t ever been established before so I’m hoping that there will be more of that because Olivia’s kind of freaking out right now. As well she should be. She’s been through more traumatic situations than anybody can count on a hand. And Astrid, that’s her job, at least in this universe. Her job is to be the confidante to everybody. My ideas is that in 20 years she’s going to write a memoir. She’s going to tell everybody’s secrets because Walter talks to her, Peter talks to her, Olivia talks to her. She’s got all the juicy gossip.

Obviously, readers are all about Jasika and Anna spending some more time together, on screen where we can watch.

At Chartotte Ronson‘s Fashion Show this week, Samantha Ronson played coy with the press when they asked about Lindsay Lohan, saying “I don’t know who that is, I’m sorry.” Someone get this woman an acting job!

So The Danish Girl has finally found Nicole Kidman her leading lady. Rachel Weisz will play Kidman’s wife in the gender-bending drama, which goes into production in July.

Director Lasse Hallstrom said of Kidman playing the MTF character:

Kidman looks great as a man. This guy looked very good, he was not the lumberjack type.

Kidman plays Lili Elbe, the first person to undergo sex reassignment surgery as from the novel by David Ebershoff.

Did you miss Sara Quin with Theophilus London on The Late Show last night? You’re welcome.

In an interview with Wag’s Revue, Alison Bechdel talks about how she feels that Dykes to Watch Out For isn’t as necessary as it once was:

I don’t think there’s the same need at all for my work in the world today. I really felt compelled to do it when I was younger. There were no other representations of people like me that I was seeing, and I was writing my comic strip just for my own self just as a mirror. And it’s really different now. There are gay people on every television show on the air that I can see.

Alison, I can assure you there is a still a need for your work today. I need you now, like Lady Antebellum.

Today in lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (check local listings), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), Glee (Fox 8 p.m.), The Biggest Loser: Couples (NBC 8 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m. and midnight), White Collar (USA 10 p.m.) and The Good Wife (CBS 10 p.m.)

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