Afternoon Delight: Amber Heard at NASCAR, “Portlandia” gets a second season


Out actress Amber Heard was the Grand Marshall of the NASCAR Budweiser Shootout at Daytona International Speedway this past weekend in Daytona, Florida. (Hopefully not the racers didn’t take references to Drive Angry as a command rather than a shout out to Heard’s upcoming film). Follow this link if you want to hear her say, “Gentlemen, start your engines!” If you want to hear her say “Gentlewomen, start your engines!” then just sit quietly and use your imagination.

Actress Shay Mitchell recently spoke to E! about her role on Pretty Little Liars and what playing a queer character on the show has meant to younger fans.

Young girls and guys just come up to me on the street and say things like, ‘Thank you, I related to your character unlike any other, especially when she was first discovering who she was and then come out to her dad — it gave me courage and strength to come out to my parents.’ That’s amazing, I couldn’t imagine playing a better character. I am very fortunate.

She also teased us with a hint as to what’s coming up for Emily and the rest of the gang. “The season finale is going to blow everyone’s mind. A lot of questions you had throughout the season will get answered, but then you will have so many more questions. The unexpected will all occur in this last episode. The unexpected!”

If I’m now expecting the unexpected, is it really that “unexpected” anymore?

I wonder what happens when you make it on Vimeo? I know, I’ll ask Britta Wolfrum and out comic/actress Kate McKinnon! I’ve found that Kate McKinnon pretty much has all the answers (I haven’t been properly introduced to Britta yet, but she may have a few herself).


Lesbian contestant Georg made it to the final round of Worst Cooks in America this week, which means she has a shot at taking home the $25,000 prize. In this week’s episode, she beat out fellow female competitor Kelsey in a flambé challenge. It was a particularly sweet (and hot!) victory because Kelsey had bragged that she had the edge on Georg because she was “smarter than Georg” though she admitted that she had no idea what the word “flambé” meant.

Georg’s wife Teresa made an appearance the show too.

Visibility is delicious!

What do you suppose is going on over there with Karey Dornetto on the set of Community?

Portlandia has been greenlit for a second season. TheWrap. com is reporting, “IFC’s order for the show’s second season calls for ten episodes. The series, which airs the final episode of its second season on February 25, will go back into production next summer.” All of this means that we can see more of this sort of thing:


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, FrontierVille has added a new feature, the “Kissing Tree,” in which players are given the option of pairing two women together. As you may recall, FrontierVille was the first social game to include same sex marriages. Gaming as a form of activism? Love it!

Finally, here’s the latest episode of Bestsellers. Zoe contemplates a facelift. Eek!

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