Afternoon Delight: The HRC wants you to go shopping, some objections to “The Joy of Teen Sex”


Annette Bening weighed in on The Kids Are All Right controversy over at

I think people have a right to their point of view. If people respond that way, they respond that way. I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t think there are any rules about these things. And there’s an enormous amount of subtlety. You know Lisa, who is a lesbian, wrote it," Bening says. "I have had so many same sex couples, both men and women, just kind of grab my arm and say, ‘Oh my god, thanks, this just means a lot.’ So I think when a movie is good, people are going to have reactions. And some people are going to like things and some people aren’t going to like things, and that’s just the nature of it.


An Horse has announced their US tour dates.

Watch Laurel Holloman get her paint on at her studio in this video.

You can ask her how it turned out when you see her at The Dinah Shore Weekend next month.

The HRC has published their 2011 Buyers Guide, so use the info as an excuse to go shopping!

They’ve found a Bosley for the Charlie’s Angels reboot, and his name is Ramon Rodriguez. Couldn’t Bosley have also been played by a woman, such as Wanda Sykes? I think they need to put a lesbian in charge of wrangling those Angels.

True Blood novelist Charlaine Harris thinks she’ll only write two more Sookie Stackhouse books. Hopefully some major lesbian plot developments can be worked in and then faithfully translated to the small screen via Alan Ball and company.

Do you enjoy NPR and PBS? Would you miss them if they were gone? If so, you might want to visit this website.

Channel 4 (Skins and Queer As Folk), is being criticized for airing The Joy of Teen Sex. Objectionable topics on the show include gay and lesbian sex and the use of sex toys. I think Naomily would probably watch this show, don’t you?

Also on Channel 4, a show with the best title ever, Mum’s Gone Gay. I’d watch it.

Model Crystal Renn wants actress Tilda Swinton to teach her how to dress.

No, not dress her. Just teach her how to dress.

Trish told us yesterday that out musician Sophie B. Hawkins is performing at the Conservative Political Action Conference this year. Here’s some video featuring Hawkins, Lt. Dan Choi and others at Big Gay Party, a "celebration of the role of the conservative movement in advocating for gay rights." Hawkins comes in at the 5:22 mark.


Tonight on Your OWN Show, guest mentor Suze Orman assists finalists in producing a "Can I Afford It?" segment. Something spectacular must happen, because Orman Tweeted this today:

Out comic Nicol Paone (The Big Gay Sketch Show) will be the special guest at the "current-events-themed sketch show" Second City This Week in Hollywood on Feb. 12. Check out their website for ticket info.

I’m going to the Killola show at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles tonight. What are you doing this weekend?

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