Styled Out: Ellen as a fashion icon


So, right now you’re finding yourself reading my weekly column on A lot of people ask me if I know the Ellen; if I’ve ever met her, etc. But the truth of the matter is that our site actually has no affiliation with that wonder woman, but it is a nod to her paving the way for celesbians and average every day lesbians alike, all together in one happy, comfortable pop culture-focused website.

Every once in a while, though, my crush gets the most of me and since I’ve recently taken up DVRing The Ellen DeGeneres Show so that I can watch it at my leisure (since it’s typically on at a time when I’m doing hairs and whatnot), the flame has been re-ignited and my swooning is on full blast at the moment.

She’s a great inspiration for those on the more butch to andro circuit and how convenient that she also happens to have a beautiful femme on her arm for all time? Mix that up with an intensely large bank account and a lot of eyes and ears on the world of fashion for the both of them and you have a dynamic duo with a wardrobe to be envious of.

Ellen has been embracing the marrying of prints as of late, and it’s looking good. Her nod to a former era with her dapper layering and saddle shoes make for a great accent and a tied together, well thought-out look.

Piece a similar look together on your own! It’s not that hard if you’re looking with dedication. The Millard L/s shirt by All Saints will fit the bill, as will these kicks by BDG.

My favorite place to search for unique vests like the ones Ellen favors is at consignment and second hand shops. They have the charm and originality you’ll never be able to scope out online.

Also, Ellen walked for Richie Rich last September during Spring Fashion Week, meaning, you can snap the silver suit up for yourself, if you’re so inclined, extremely soon.

As for her better half? She had me at hello, but I’m especially fond of this monochromatic ensemble that screams casual dress, a hard category to pull off as smoothly as she did. Total inspiration.

Sigh. I shall never tire of a couple that chooses to color coordinate their formal wear. Are you driven to dress like the DeGenereses?

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