The Weekly Geek: A PG look at “The Star Trek: TNG,” an adult film


Aside from this one time I was sent a soft-core pirate-porn flick featuring butch pirate ladies and an entire high school drama department’s worth of costuming (it’s called Girl King — Google if you dare), my tenure here at has been pretty much porn-free. We’re a “safe for work” kind of site, after all.

Well, after reading about an upcoming adult film that parodies Star Trek: The Next Generation over at Io9, I decided that I absolutely had to mention it in The Weekly Geek (in a totally SFW way, of course). Not only is this new movie to take place on an amazing-looking set, with a few dead-on lookalikes of actual TNG cast members, its actually being made by hardcore trekkies!

Just check out the comments made by Io9 scribe Alasdair Wilkins, who was able to visit the set:

In fact, it’s remarkable how much the script just reads like an above-average work of fan fiction that only happens to feature some pornography. Hain does a decent job of capturing the voices of the original characters, and the sexual pairings are largely true to the relationships and suggested pairings on the original show – only, you know, they actually have sex this time around.

All joking aside, that sounds like something I’d actually really like to watch. Imagine – the awesomeness and inventiveness of Trek, only with sex! Everyone’s who’s ever ventured off to find some “slash” fan fiction should admit that right now. With all of the authentic references thrown in (Tasha Yar, Geordie’s holo-crush Leah Brahms, Yesterday’s Enterprise, etc.), this sounds like the real McCoy.

If that doesn’t get your tractor beam going, check out this bit from porn star – and apparently, total sci-fi nerd – April O’Neil. (Great name, by the way).

April O’Neil plays Deanna Troi, and she told us that this was a dream come true for her, as she had grown up watching The Next Generation, and she remains a huge fan. Indeed, based on ten minutes of animated post-interview discussion we had with her about everything from “Tomb of the Cybermen” to the true identity of River Song, she really knows her Doctor Who as well.

In any event, there’s a whole gallery of photos from the set that you can check out (don’t worry, it’s very PG), and I am insanely jealous of Alasdair Wilkins.

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