Styled Out: A new ‘do for the new year


I always get bored with my hair pretty much directly after the hoopla of the holidays has subsided, when I’m generally slow at work and have a lot of extra time to debate bangs and then have one of my fellow hairdressing co-workers assist me in rash decision making. (Do not try this at home, kids!) Anyway, it occurred to me that a lot of you are probably in the same boat.

Step one is, of course, making an appointment with an actual hair stylist — but where do you go after that? As my fiancée has found out the hard way, Googling “lesbian haircut” will produce less than desirable results. While we can all agree that our hair is a large part of how we show ourselves to the world (and sometimes it’s great to be all, “Hey world, I’m a gay!”), there is a line and if you cross it, you’ll be a faux pas rather than a grand slam of awesome.

You could turn to the ever-trending Canadian/lesbian/twin pop turbo duo Tegan and Sara. Their sources are a secret and their cuts iconic in the land of gay ladies, so they’re definitely two to watch if you’re looking for something to spark a change. Their latest ‘dos don’t disappoint.

If you’re ready to take a real plunge, check out Lisbon’s Hairport photo stream on Flickr. You might not be ready to change your look to fullest extreme, the raw creativity driven into these cuts and color might just contain the tweak or two that you’re itching for. FYI, curly girls, there’s an entire section dedicated to the woeful wavy haired with an excellent and broad range of options just for you!

Ethnically textured haired queers, I didn’t forget you. In fact, I searched high and low! I even gave up trying to get as specific as combing the interweb for a queer + textured tresses, and my hard work paid off. Check out Natural Afro Hair. I absolutely love this blog, especially because it’s 100% natural (AKA no chemicals/weave/extensions). A good stylist who understands extreme curls will be able to deliver, so be particular. Curls are a different department entirely, and when they’re especially tight, so don’t skimp.

If you’re looking for a laugh, check out the actual, and who knows? You might realize that Adam Lambert’s mop is looking way too much like your own. Hey, if I can’t convince you to shake things up a little, somebody’s got to.

New year, new hair, commence!



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