Styled Out: Gender fluidity is in fashion


I am a big fan of gender fluidity in fashion. Hell, you could even say that I love it. Who’s to say that I’m not all “first comes love, then comes marriage” on the subject, because if everyone was so on board with the matter, the gay world would be a much simpler place with way fewer subcategories within it.

Alas, we live in the here and now and every genre and variety of homo pretty much has an invisible label on his or her forehead, whether we like it or not. The way we dress might help define which gender we each identify with — more so than what’s going on beneath our underpants. (That’s not always the case, but fashion is usually a form of expression, so that can include gender expression.)

A pioneer on the front of the issue is and always has been JD Samson. You had to have heard of her spin-off project MEN and hopefully saw the band when they’ve swooped into your town (they’ve been touring almost non-stop for the past two years). If you have, you’ve seen her in the flesh and gotten the ultimate bitch slap in andro-know-how. Take a note (or 10).

As a friend and ally of all transgender folks, I was thrilled to see model Lea T. come out full force (and full on nude) in French Vogue. The former assistant to designer Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy), Lea has become one of the hottest new models on the scene, and has stunned and easily implemented herself into the industry, pushing the envelope. Look for tons more of her this spring — she’s going to be all over all the major ads.

Have you heard of Love? It’s a UK based fashion magazine that is raising eyebrows for it’s Issue 5 cover which showcases the iconic Kate Moss making out with, you guessed it, Lea T. Oh wait, in case that’s too provocative for you, you have the option to purchase the mag with alternate cover model/lesbian style stealer Justin Bieber.

Politically, I’d have a hard time selecting the latter and, besides, Kate Moss is pretty much timeless — why wouldn’t I support her? I already bought February’s Vanity Fair with Biebs on the front. We’ve already talked about how his style influences you and yours.

So where’s the happy medium? I don’t know. But I love finding new little gems as well as embracing the skills thrown down by the old pros and figuring it out my own. I’m just letting my style lead the way.

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