Huddle: Get into the groove


Dancing is all the rage, and that’s why it shows up everywhere, including film and TV. Whether you prefer the elegant ballet in Black Swan, the drug-inspired mosh pit on Skins or the sweet slowdance between Emily and Maya on this week’s Pretty Little Liars, everyone loves a dance sequence.

So what is your favorite scene of someone cutting a rug? Go!

Heather Hogan: WALL-E and EVE are just two robots trying to make their way in a post-Costco world. They fall in love on accident, really. Him with his wide-eyed wonder and her with her directive. He wants her to love him, that’s all; he never knew he his quest to hold her hand would save the earth. One night, just outside the Axiom spaceship, he finds himself with a fire extinguisher, and she can already fly. The twirl and swirl and dip and soar.

“Define dancing,” the captain says to the ship’s computer when he sees them through the window. “Dancing: A series of movements involving two partners, where speed and rhythm match harmoniously with music.” The music is Thomas Newman‘s, and it’s so very enchanting.

Mia Jones: As a lover of the dance, it’s really difficult for me to pick a favorite. That being said, I’m going for the excellent choreographed number from Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. Lisa Kidrow, Mira Sorvino and Alan Cumming dancing to “Time After Time”? You really can’t get much better than that.

Courtney Gillette: In Frida, Salma Hayek playing Frida Kahlo and Ashley Judd playing a diplomat’s wife; Salma Hayek outdrinking the dudes at the table to win a dance with Ashley Judd, and Lila Downs singing “Alcoba Azul.” They do the tango, and I nearly wore my DVD player out replaying that scene again, and again, and again.

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