Styled Out: The good and bad of the Golden Globes


Here we are, folks, the beginning of another awards season. We’ve entered the time of year that all gays consider holy and sacred, the time where we can all gather and judge each and every current celebrity for their formal wear triumphs openly and honestly together, whether they walked out of the place with a tiny golden statue or not. This week, the Golden Globes.

Annette Bening: pretend lesbian, accurate interpretation both on and off screen! Bravo on the ensemble, sister. You’ve sold me via style.

I think that most of you wanted to either be Olivia Wilde the other night, or just straight up do it with her. Either way, I don’t think anyone would argue with your choice because that dress was banging hot and a nice take on the heavy bedazzlement.

In a game of “Would You Rather?” it would honestly be hard to choose between the above mentioned and Scarlett Johansson. I guess it’s true, what they say about the newly single — they usually do end up looking better than ever.

I’m not really sure to begin with Natalie Portman. I guess, to keep it brief and not piss off too many fans of Black Swan, I’ll just say this; her dress was almost as awful as her weird, rambling, non-sensical and likely pregnancy hormone-induced acceptance speech.

Mila Kunis, on the other hand, looked drop dead gorgeous. It seemed as though beige and pink were reigning supreme as the colors of the night until that jade jezebel walked onto the red carpet and into my heart. I’m glad she redeemed things for team Black Swan.

Tiny lesbian Justin Bieber was complimented on his suit during one interview on the walk in that evening, and instead of accepting the praise gracefully, he chose to use the opportunity to once again, plug his 3-D movie which is set to be released in March. I mean, let’s give it a rest, kid. We can’t help but like you, and in fairness it was a great suit that would probably easily fit any of my interested readers (it’s by Dolce & Gabana, in case you were wondering), but you really need to take it easy. No one likes an overly-eager Bieber!

You can love Ricky Gervais or you can resent him; I personally think he’s brilliant and if Hollywood couldn’t take what he was dishing out, they shouldn’t have asked him to host. He looked great and all, but really I just wanted to offer up my own shout to him. You rule, Ricky! The lot needs to stop taking themselves so seriously, no?

What was your number one celebrity wearing at the Golden Globes this year?