Morning Brew – Wednesday, January 19: Kristen Stewart loves Jenny Lewis, Melissa Etheridge goes to Broadway’s “American Idiot”


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Kristen Stewart is on the cover of February’s issue of Vogue and in the accompanying interview, shares her love for singer Jenny Lewis. She told the mag:

She’s the only person I’ve ever met that I can’t function around.

Hear that, redheads? I wonder if KStew first fell for her after seeing Foxfire.

Dazed & Confused has put their full interview with Anna Paquin online, and the photos get a thumbs up from me.

In the interview, Anna discusses growing up in Hollywood, how she thought she’d never leave New York and how her life has changed since joining True Blood.

Spot the lesbians in this Curb Your Enthusiasm featurette about the upcoming season. (OK, here’s a hint: Wanda. OK, second hint: Rosie.)

So we know all about Sofia Black D’Elia but who are the other gay girls on the show? One of them, showing up next week, is played by Blaine Morris. The 18-year-old’s hometown paper, The Hudson Reporter, writes that Blaine was on the Skins‘ writing advisory board, but was asked to audition by Bryan Elsley himself. Blaine has the recurring role of “lesbian” Betty Nardone. I put lesbian in quotes for a reason. Watch next week’s episode and find out why!

Photo from The Hudson Reporter

Mila Kunis told Fox411’s Pop Tarts she hopes people take more away from Black Swan then the sex scene she shares with Natalie Portman.

It’s one of those things where we shot it, we did it, and you hope people walk away from the film with something else, other than just the memory of that two minute scene. But it is what it is, so you can’t deny it.

And when it comes to who “acted” better in the bedroom situations — Natalie or Mila’s upcoming Friends With Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake — Mila said:

Oh I’m not even going to touch that!

That’s right, Mila — keep everyone happy and secure about their performance.

UK TV host Jonathan Ross was on the Gaydar radio show this week and said his 19-year-old daughter, Betty, is a lesbian. He was asked by a caller what he would do if his daughter brought home a woman, and he replied:

Well, my eldest daughter is gay so that’s a question I’ve dealt with on a regular basis already. And providing it’s a nice woman, I’m thrilled. I think that’s pretty much out there, she talks about [her sexuality] on her Twitter feed. As any dad really, I love my kids regardless of who they are, what they do. Certainly, their sexuality is a), none of my business and b), certainly none of my concern.I just want them to be good, happy, stable people and so far, all three of them seem to be that.

Jonathan Ross with Betty (left) and family

Sounds like Betty lucked out in the supportive dad department!

Julianne Moore is this year’s Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year. Each year, the Harvard University Hasty Pudding Theatricals honor an actor they admire, and The Kids Are All Right star has been named their 2011 honoree. Congrats Julianne! has a review of a new documentary called Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride. It’s making its rounds at the festival circuit this year, so check it out. has an interview with Girl in a Coma and they look fabulous while talking about their influences, touring with Morrissey and their latest project, Adventures in Coverland.

Melissa Etheridge will be joining the cast of Broadway’s American Idiot for one week, Feb. 1 – 6. She’ll be playing the role of St. Jimmy, the lead male role that Billie Jo Armstrong plays the rest of the month. Says show producer:

Billie Joe and I always believed that it would be incredible to have a woman take on the role of St. Jimmy. This character is seductive, thrilling and dangerous. Melissa Etheridge is all that and so much more. She’s a rock icon and we couldn’t be more thrilled that she’s bringing her immense talent to American Idiot.

I have no doubts she’ll rock in this role. The only person who may disagree is her ex-partner, Tammy Lynn, who seems to have penned another heartfelt poem about their split on her blog.

Lastly, Sarah Shahi wanted to say hello, from this month’s Maxim.

Photo from Sarah

Today in lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (check local listings), Lucy Lawless on The Wendy Williams Show (check local listings), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.) and The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m. and midnight). (Thanks Roni!)

See you tomorrow!

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