Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Girls Dead Monster, Sonique, Jessie J, and more


I’m sick today and I’m really not happy about it. Tea, Dayquil, soup – nothing is helping. By the time you read this I’m hoping to be on the couch with French bulldogs resting next to me and bad television on in the background while the germs take their party elsewhere. While I tend to this cold, here are 10 more ladies for you to check out.

Jessie J

File Under: Pop-Hop grime, R&B soul, fearless ferocity

From: The UK

For Fans of: Lily Allen, Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis, Duffy, bubble baths, Fergie, latex, kickboxing.

Bonus: I had seen Jessie’s video for “Do It Like A Dude” and even though the video was hot and includes some studs and ladies kissing, I felt like it was gimmicky. Thanks to twitter user @JenniferPinch, I gave Jessie J another chance and was blown away by her youtube channel. Her songs are fresh and her voice is just insanely good.



File Under: Surf punk, hot ladies with tattoos

From: L.A.

For Fans of: Rancid, Motley Crue, Suicide Girls, Inked magazine, L7, breaking glass while looking fashionable.

Bonus: They’re giving out two free downloads at their label’s website.

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