Morning Brew – Wednesday, January 12: “Grey’s” spoilers, Maura Rooney transforms into Lisbeth Salander, “Glee” never says never


Top o’ the mornin’, Brewbies! We’re sorry we missed The Brew yesterday, but I was digging myself out of a freak Georgia blizzard and Trish Bendix is in Los Angeles scooping the heck out of TCA. And by “scooping the heck out of TCA” I mean “looking fierce with Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell.”

I have a sneaking suspicion our managing editor knows who “A” is! (P.S. Your Pretty Little Liars recap will be along shortly.)

If you’re a spoiler nut, TCA time is like Christmas time. King of the Spoiler, Michael Ausiello, cornered Grey’s queen Shonda Rhimes to ask about the fate of Callie and Arizona. Here’s what she said:

I’ve always said that Callie and Arizona are MFEO — Made for Each Other. And that still holds true. [But] they are going to go through hell before they get to any sort of [semblance] of a happy ending. If they were just happy, I don’t know who would be watching.

I think the most disturbing thing about that quote is that Shonda has taken to using fan forum acronyms in every day conversation. Shonda + Twitter = OTP?

Ryan Murphy is facing an unusual dilemma: When a show is already the gayest thing on TV, how do you play Sweeps? His answer: Justin Bieber. says Glee‘s February 15th episode is going to be Bieber-centric — which should suit readers just fine. I mean, we share Bieber’s motto, don’t we?

[Update: Apparently “Bieber-centric” means that Chord Overstreet is going to sing a single Bieber song.]

February is going to be a big month for Glee. We’ve got a Super Bowl episode, a Valentine’s Day episode, and now a Bieb-tastic episode. Oh, and speaking of the Super Bowl, Jon Favreau says we will see a new trailer for Cowboys and Aliens during the game!

If you were worried that Rooney Mara wouldn’t be able to pull off the Lisbeth Salander look, you can relax. Rooney showed up at the Palm Springs International Film Festival over the weekend sporting a new ‘do and an eyebrow piercing. Now all she needs as that infamous dragon tattoo and she’ll be all set!

In other millennium trilogy news, we’re hearing that Trent Reznor is heading up the soundtrack for the American adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. reader Jorna Tolosa-Chung let us know about a new web series she created and directed. It’s called Give Me Grace, and it’s pretty awesome. It’s got a kick-ass woman of color as the lead. Grace has a super-hot girlfriend, a way with boxing gloves, and a persnickety little mob situation on her hands. Check it out below and visit for more details!

The Dinah has announced comic legend Paula Poundstone as the headliner for their annual Comedy Night In. Joining her on stage this year will be favorites Suzanne Westenhoefer and Fortune Feimster. They’re planning the show for March 31st. You can find out more at

Save the dates: Jan. 15-17! That’s when you can join thousands of women across the country and the Human Rights Campaign for Her HRC: A Celebration for Women. HRC Steering Committees from coast to coast will host 30-plus special events specifically designed to unite women and engage them in our fight for equality. The festivities include appearances by Melissa Ferrick and Lucas Silveira of The Cliks in Boston, MA, Thea Gill from Queer as Folk in St. Paul, MN, Michelle Clunie from Queer as Folk and Nicole Pacent from Anyone But Me in Los Angeles, CA and many more. For a full listing of events in each city and ticket info, visit

This will be our last Brew of the week because I’m heading up to New York for the US Skins release party. (Or, er, “deflowering” is what MTV is calling it, I think.) But Brew will be back on Monday — and in the meantime, you’ve got plenty of TCA dispatches and awesome articles to keep you busy!

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