Morning Brew – Monday, January 10: “Glee” goes Gaga (again), Mila Kunis loves Natalie Portman’s bottom lip


Trish Bendix is on her way to the Left Coast to bring you the lezzer scoop from the Television Critics Association winter press tour, so she left me in charge of Brew. And you know what that means — hoedown time! 

I’m just kidding; put down that lamp. I said put down the lamp! Sheesh. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Anyhoodle, Glee has plans to Gaga it up again this season. Messiah Ryan Murphy is crafting a whole episode around Lady Gaga‘s soon-to-be-released gay anthem, Born This Way.

Murphy told EW:

This show is by nature optimistic and I think a character like [Kurt’s closeted bully] Karofsky could turn to booze or pills or alcohol and kill themselves or do something dark. But I also love Max and I love that character and I sorta want that character to have a happy ending. So I don’t really know what that’s going to be, but I do know we’re going to do a whole episode that’s about that song.

Also, Gwyneth Paltrow will be back this spring to date Mr. Schue. I’m assuming the relationship won’t last, because Paltrow only signed on for two episodes. Also because two weeks is longer than any sane person would tolerate Will Schuester.

Black Swan superstar Mila Kunis diplomatically answered a kissing question posed by Cosmo in this month’s issue. They asked who was the best kisser out of former co-stars Justin Timberlake, Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, James Franco, and Jason Segel.

Mila said:

Justin’s upper lip … Natalie’s bottom lip… Ashton’s stubble… James’s chin… and Jason’s teeth

Natalie’s bottom lip? Noted. That’s what I’ll pay attention to next time I watch that Black Swan love scene. (No, it’s not.)

My Idiot Brother, the forthcoming Paul Rudd flick that stars Zooey Deschanel and Rashida Jones as a lesbian couple, finally has its website up and running. There’s no trailer yet, but there are some new stills of Zooey and Rashida and Rashida’s glasses.

Hey Rashida, how’s your plaid button-up, you big gaymo?

US Skins released an interactive character trailer Friday afternoon. All you’ve got to do to watch Tea’s blurb is hop over to and click on the pile of naked teenagers. Tea spoiler alert: “I like me; I don’t do ‘we.'”

I’m going to teeter out on a limb here and say Sofia Black D’elia may be the youngest person to ever make the AfterEllen Hot 100 when it rolls around this year.

Remember a week ago when Sir Elton John and David Furnish became parents? Of course you do: A famous gay couple can’t get themselves a bouncing baby boy without the whole world standing at attention. Well, that bastion of intrepid journalism, The Daily Mail, is reporting that Elton and David have chosen lesbian couple Sandy Brant and Ingrid Sischy as Baby Zachary’s godparents. I can’t tell if The Daily Mail is more shocked that they’re lesbians, or that they’re not famous.

A “close friend” of Elton told The Mail:

Zachary means everything to Elton and David and they have chosen Ingrid and Sandy as godmothers for the traditional reason: to take care of the child’s welfare in case something happens to them … Elton could have picked anyone from the world of showbusiness to be godparents but he chose a couple of dear friends who will take their role seriously.

Can you even believe that? Elton could’ve chosen someone famous, but he chose a couple who will actually love and nourish his baby. And lesbians, to boot? Crazy, man. (Crazy Mail.)

Save the dates: Jan. 15-17! That’s when you can join thousands of women across the country and the Human Rights Campaign for Her HRC: A Celebration for Women. HRC Steering Committees from coast to coast will host 30-plus special events specifically designed to unite women and engage them in our fight for equality. The festivities include appearances by Melissa Ferrick and Lucas Silveira of The Cliks in Boston, MA, Thea Gill from Queer as Folk in St. Paul, MN, Michelle Clunie from Queer as Folk and Nicole Pacent from Anyone But Me in Los Angeles, CA and many more. For a full listing of events in each city and ticket info, visit

Last week Jezebel shined a light on one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen: Rape congratulations cards. They hail from an Etsy shop where the seller also makes cards that say things like, “Congratulations on having breast cancer.” Jezebel was rightly disgusted, and on her show on Friday night, lesbian journalist Jane Valez-Mitchell was absolutely incensed.


You can sign a petition at to try to persuade Etsy to ban the vile seller.

Don’t forget: Pretty Little Liars is all new on ABC Family tonight. Maya is coming to dinner at the Fields’. If you’re not planning to watch, I’ll bet I can change your mind with this actual dialogue from the episode.


Emily’s dad: I like these sausages; what are they, chicken?

Emily’s mom: No, they’re turkey. [To Emily] So, does your friend have any allergies?

Emily: What?

Emily’s mom: Is there anything I should know about what Maya eats?

Emily: No, she eats everything.


Our PLL Twitter hashtag is, as always, #BooRadleyVanCullen.

If I don’t see you tonight on Twitter, I’ll see you tomorrow morning in Brew!

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