Huddle: Women who should co-star in a “Single White Female” situation


Single White Female has inspired so many other films in its likeness. For instance, The Roommate stars Leighton Meester as she tries to take over Minka Kelly‘s life (and bed, but that’s besides the point). And at the People’s Choice Awards this week, the co-stars appeared together, looking just as lovely (and like one another) as they do in the movie.

Apparently there’s just something so appealing the idea of women wanting to become just like each other by tearing the other one’s world apart, but it doesn’t have to be like that. It could become something a little more interesting, this doppelgängers theme, and we have some candidates who would be ideal for the situation.

OK, bloggers: What two women would be great together in a Single White Female/The Roommate-type film?

The Linster: I think Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams already have some kind of symbiotic thing going on. I mean, Michelle has blonde hair; Carey dyes her hair blonde. Carey has a pixie; Michelle gets a pixie. Michelle does a Vogue cover; Carey does a Vogue cover.

But I don’t really want them to do a doppelgänger thriller. I’m freaked enough already.

Grace Chu: Emily Blunt has already played a manipulative woman who reels an

unsuspecting girl into her maze of bizarre mind games in My Summer

of Love
. Her doppelgängers Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry can be thrown into the mix (as long as Katy Perry’s character is mute or

sticks to humming songs about fireworks).

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