Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (January 7, 2011): Watch Rachel Maddow video from the vault, meet Vanity Theft


Pretty Little Liars. PLL is back with a bang!. Emily came out to her dad in this week’s episode and he took it pretty well. Maybe he was just relieved to learn that she wasn’t pregnant with a werewolf cub. Or a vampire baby.

Vanity Fair. The magazine took a look back a 2010’s “Gayest Glee Moments.” Coming in at No. 2 was the “Duets” episode (aka “The Full Etheridge”) in which “Brittany and Santana finally bumped spanky pants.”

Georgann Coleman. The Chicago lesbian landed her spot on the Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America after being nominated by her wife. Maybe her potluck fare just wasn’t up to snuff..

The People’s Choice Awards. The show itself wasn’t particularly memorable, but The Gays (Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris) won big and were the most interesting part of the whole evening. Per the norm.

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. The Starz series is back again this month, this time featuring a love scene between Lucy Lawless and Jaime Murray (Dexter). Starz is launching a new iPad app for the series and a Facebook game too. Hopefully both will feature said love scene.

The State Department. U.S. Passport applications will now read “Parent” and “Parent” (rather than “Mother” and “Father”) thanks, in part, to the efforts of our friends at, who started a petition for the change back in July, and the Family Equality Council.

Skins. We’re counting down to the Jan. 17 premiere of the US version of Skins, and our own Heather Hogan says it’s worth the wait. We’re also partial to the new opening sequence and promo for UK Skins Season 5 (premiering Jan. 27). Hey, Franky, Elly Jackson called, and she wants her inscrutable androgyny back!

Rebecca Drysdale. The out comic has delivered a dynamite “It Gets Better” video. Or, rather, music video. Smart, funny and catchy to boot, we give it two unicycles up!

Gabrielle Christian. One half of Spashley is back and playing gay again! Christian (as Rose) co-stars along with Jade Catta Pretta (Lisa) in the short film You Are Cordially Uninvited, about a bride-to-be who is having trouble coming out to her family. So do we call them Risa? Lose? Do they even care, as long as we just call them?

Coronation Street. Much to our delight, Sophie and Sian broke their vows of celibacy (aka “bumped spanky pants”) on this week’s episode. It was a truly religious experience.

Jersey Shore. New Jersey Shore castmate Deena Nicole says, “I’m not a lesbian, but when I get drunk I like to kiss” We’ll probably see lots of evidence of this when the show premieres. By the way, what have we done to deserve this?

People who jack Amber Heard’s ride. Out actress Amber Heard told The Daily Mail that she loves her vintage Mustang and that it’s repeatedly stolen and taken for joyrides. But she says they always recover her car, and that she knows how to hotwire it too. Yeah, we’re basically just looking for any reason to write about Amber Heard. And to run a picture of her in the Mustang.

Ramin Setoodeh. The Newsweek journalist who once argued that gay actors can’t convincingly play straight now says that Hollywood isn’t casting gay actors in gay parts (misquoting an article to prove his point) and took his “daring” accusations to The Joy Behar Show. He also complained about being unfairly criticized by gay media outlets for his opinions. Who made this guy the expert anyway?

Kathy Griffin. One of our favorite gay allies is pulling the plug on her hit Bravo show, My Life on the D-List. We’ll miss her, but will just have to console ourselves by watching all four of her scheduled Bravo stand-up specials this year.

Gwyneth Paltrow. We’re not keen on the idea of her starring in a biopic about Marlene Dietrich. The rumor is that Paltrow will play Dietrich in a two-part TV movie produced by Luc Besson’s new EuropaCorp TV.

Chris Brown. The singer, who was already on our s–t list, is “apologizing” for his homophobic exchange with Raz-B on Twitter. Brown stated, “I love all of my fans, gay and straight. I have friends from all walks of life and I am committed, with God’s help, to continue becoming a better person.” Hopefully God will take control of Brown’s Twitter account from now on too.

CNN. GLAAD has issued a Call to Action against CNN for giving anti-gay bigots a platform in the name of “balance” when they air segments with LGBT content.

Chik-fil-A. In an effort to strengthen “traditional marriage,” the fast food chain is joining forces with NOM’s Ruth Institute (you know, the homophobes who say The Gays don’t own the rainbow symbol). Fine. We never liked waffle fries anyway.

TLC. The network is giving pastor Ted Haggard his own “reality project.” You remember Haggard! He’s the homophobic former leader of the National Association of Evangelicals who was caught in an affair with a male prostitute. The one-hour special premieres on January 16, so the term “January junk” applies to TV as well as movies. We wonder what show wasn’t greenlit in order to make room for this one.

Navy Capt. Owen P. Honors. The USS Enterprise captain was was relieved of his command when it was discovered that he had made “lewd” videos as morale boosters for his crew three years ago. The videos included gay slurs and footage of actress Glenn Close from her visit to the carrier. Close was outraged that her image was used to “perpetuate something that I abhor.” agreed, noting that she was “clearly miscast.”

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