Good Taste: New Years Lez-o-lutions


Everyone’s calendar-driven virtuousness getting you down? Pull up a chair, because there ain’t no asceticism going on around here. The Good Taste New Year’s Lez-o-lutions are all about packing the most pleasure into your mouth. Like most quality pleasure, it’s so satisfying that you don’t need to binge on it. Moderation just comes along with true satisfaction. Here are some suggestions on how to buff out your kitchen skills, tone your tongue, and snatch up the best wine finds (a cute label only goes so far).

Master the art of (fill in the blank)

We all have culinary dropout zones. For years, I heard that potato ricers made the best mashed potatoes. And for years, I felt intimidated by roasting a chicken. This year, I experimented with a ricer, and found that the potatoes were just divinely fluffy afterwards. I also found a chicken-roasting method that I love (and repeat often). What are your Waterloos? What do you want to get on top of?

If you want to master the art of mixing classic cocktails, or cooking gluten-free meals, and live in the Bay Area, then you are in luck. Culinary Institute of America graduate Melissa Lavrinc Smith, a bi sommelier and chef in the Bay Area, is a co-founder of PopUpEdu, “Home Ec for Grownups,” a series of underground classes on food and bevvies.

If you want to forge ahead at home, pick up Amanda HessersThe Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century. Within: commonsense, thoroughly tested recipes for most concoctions in the American culinary canon.

And if you’d like some saucy kitchen wench energy along with your impressive yet easy dinner recipes, get Nigella Lawson’s new cookbook, Nigella Kitchen: Recipes for the Heart of the Home.

I wish I had some awesome Sapphic tie-in here — but a quick internet search reveals only this dismal bit of super-hetero 411. When asked what physical attributes she likes in a man, she told an Esquire reporter, “Hairiness. I like an animal. Hairy back, hairy everywhere. I don’t understand why a woman would want to be with a hairless man. If I was going to go for someone smooth, I may as well be a lesbian.” Um OK. Maybe her next kitchen assistant needs to be a hot dyke sporting low-riders and a happy trail?