Styled Out: Underwear, the perfect last minute Christmas gift


This one goes out to all of you who put the “pro” in procrastination and are hard up, racking your brain for the perfect gift for your GF, your wife, your partner, that girl you’re “hanging out” with but can’t actually put a label on yet — whoever! the good news is that you’re in luck. I’m a chronic conventional gift giver so I sometimes have trouble coming up with something fun that actually also serves some sort of purpose, but not this year. Ladies, I give you the genius idea of giving the gift of underwear, straight up.

I have a good friend who for the purposes of this post shall remain nameless other than his amazing nickname of Panty Claus. At the first mention of this magical giver of sexy time, you might think him offensive, but not so. Who doesn’t like to either look attractive in an out of the ordinary way or let your lovey know that you think she’s hot, you want her and you’re thinking of her in those hot pants?

If you like the comfort of a boy short cut, give these a whirl. Leave it to American Apparel to make all of your dreams come true (again). They come in several versions of classic candy cane red and white or green and white if that’s more your bag.

Get the same sort with a happily winking Santa Claus for a few bucks more from Café Press if you’re feeling extra jolly.

If you’re in the market for undergarments that are a touch more feminine, look no further because Betsey Johnson has got you covered. The mint green with tiny red bows is a refreshing break from the typical glitz of the season. It’s more of a subtle nod that counts for the Holiday but isn’t so specific that they can’t be enjoyed all year long. I also think that above all else, this would be an awesome gift to get because the average gal isn’t going to throw down all her pretty pennies on one pair of extra fancy drawers unless there’s a special occasion at hand.

On the real, this is a good present to unwrap whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of things.

If the thought of wearing or getting holiday skivvies makes you squeamish, fear not. There are tons of themed and PG pajamas that are just as fun to wear and enjoy the holiday in comfort and in true gay form. Why not get her a Pajamagram? I think this is an amazingly funny way to break the ice and perfect for someone you’ve just started to dating. Your creativity is sure to get a laugh and points on the awesome-o-meter. I’m telling you, it’s this year’s Snuggie.

So, have you been naughty or nice?

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