Chicks Getting Hitched: Putting a ring on it


There’s something especially romantic about the holiday season. Maybe it’s the twinkling white lights strung everywhere or the cold weather that necessitates cuddling for warmth and sitting beside roaring fires. Or perhaps, it’s just the fact that champagne flows more freely this time of year. Whatever it is, there is clearly something about the holidays makes people want to get married.

According to Conde Nast’s 2009 American Wedding study, 13 percent of engagements take place in December. Compare that to Valentine’s Day, when just eight percent of marriage proposals occur. I’m sure all of this has nothing to do with the fact that you can’t flip through a magazine, watch a 30-minute sitcom or drive a mile on the highway in December without being reminded oh-so-subtly by DeBeers that “a diamond is forever.” Nevertheless, ‘tis the season to put a ring on it!

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about rings – specifically about gay ladies and engagement rings. As recently as five years ago, you didn’t see many lesbian brides-to-be sporting big rocks on their left hands. Maybe that was because we were pretty much relegated to the commitment ceremony, which still conjures images of patchouli and Birkenstocks for me, or the civil union, which sounds far too serious and clinical to include something as frivolous and festive as diamond ring.

But now, whether it is legally recognized or not, we are getting married. And where there is marriage, there are usually rings. And thankfully, we seemed to have moved past those awful rainbow-colored bands with the interlocking female symbols. That genre of “wedding ring” always seemed, in my mind, to mock same-sex marriage more than celebrate it. They’re kind of like the gaudy Mickey Mouse ears you might bring home from Disney World (“I got gay married and I have this hideous rainbow ring to prove it!”). We’re gay – not completely devoid of style or taste.

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