Morning Brew – Tuesday, December 21: “Glee” may (or may not) give Brittana another hook-up, Rachel Maddow’s live DADT show


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If you missed last night’s The Rachel Maddow Show, you’ll definitely want to watch it. It was a live show all about DADT featuring former Cadet Katie Miller.

Of course Rachel does the DADT follow-up best. Are you in tears yet? No? Then you should watch the openly gay members of the White House staff telling you It Gets Better.

So what’s going on with Brittany and Santana? You want to know? Here’s what E! reports:

A source who insists they be called “Santittany” tells me that there will be developments between Brittany and Santana. And soon. And that should make Heather Morris herself very happy! We just talked to her about her new Flirt! cosmetics endorsement deal, and when asked about Brittany and Santana hooking up, she said, “Oh God…not that I know of. But I hope so. I miss [Santana]! We have such good stuff. It’s not that I don’t love mine and Artie’s relationship but…”

So my thinking is Naya Rivera thinks it’s happening and Heather Morris thinks it’s not. Well what the hell!? Get it together, Glee.

Australian’s Four Weddings is looking for some lesbian couples to participate in the reality show. Said producer Kym Slaby:

We understand that same sex marriages aren’t legal in Australia, but we hope that the presence of same sex couples in the show will highlight the issues surrounding the lack of equality, and in turn also celebrate those unions and show that all love is equal.

So if you’re not too much of a bridezilla, sign up!

Cinematical’s Girls on Film columnist has some ideas for movies for the women in your life, and all of them pass the Bechdel test. Some of the lesbian flicks include Imagine Me & You, Foxfire and Kissing Jessica Stein. All the movies on the list are great choices, though, as the women in them have something to talk about other than men!

EW reports that the American adaptation of Being Erica will be set in Philadelphia. And since Maggie Friedman (Dawson’s Creek, Once and Again) is working on the script, I have a feeling things could get a little gay, especially in the city of Brotherly Love. (Please?)

It looks like Fergie will be the star of the new Black Eyed Peas comic book. Does that make you want it more or less?

Jane Lynch and Dan Savage were interviewed together for the new issue of Newsweek. They talk about It Gets Better, DADT and coming out. Jane also shares her feelings on the Newsweek article that said gay actors can’t convincingly play straight:

I do think it’s different in film, though. I can be gay as a character actor, but I don’t think Julia Roberts can be right now. I think when you’re projecting your hopes and dreams for romantic love onto an actor, knowing they’re gay…Well, you have to think there’s some chance this could actually happen.

Personally, I believe any role Jane plays, even when she was the creepy hypersexual straight boss in The 40-Year-old Virgin or the former coke addict (also straight) leader of a children’s program in Role Models. But will she ever be a romantic lead? She’s probably right in saying it’s unlikely, though it’s probably less because she’s a lesbian and more because she’s a hilarious character actress.

Starting last week, comic strip Doonesbury introduced a new lesbian character with a DADT-themed panel.

Lady Gaga is MTV’s Woman of the Year. The network says a large part of the reason she was chosen was her gay rights advocacy. We liked that, too!

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