Good Taste: Bitchin’ Kitchen Gifts for the Home Chef You’re Sweet On


Yes, we Culinary Carolines love jewelry and sexy lingerie as much as the next girl, but the way to our hearts is also via a well-chosen kitchen tool. A brand new toy. Something intelligently conceived and executed, something that feels good in hand. From the luxe to the workaday, the saucy to the sturdy, these babies will not disappoint.

Cat Cora by Starfrit’s Bamboo and Stainless Steel Cook ‘n’ Serve

I might be prone to gush over Cat Cora’s anything, but check out this brilliant invention. A stainless steel pot, with a clear glass lid, which comes with a bamboo nesting bowl. Holla! Place the stainless steel pot into the bamboo bowl, and your one-pot meal is instantly beautiful, easy to handle, and insulated.

“All the products are highly functional, eco-friendly, save time and save space — like my Cook N Serve — you can cook, serve and store one-pot meals then toss it in the dishwasher,” Cat says.

It’s also so perfect for — drumroll — potlucks! Just make sure some unprincipled dame doesn’t walk off with it at the end of the night, because a piece that hot could make a gal momentarily lose sight of her morals. $70

Handmade Quilted Pinup Girls Potholders by OriginalsByLauren on Etsy

Tropical girls, biker girls, and outdoorsy girls (not to mention saucy Yuletide vixens) frolic all over these craftastic potholders and oven mitts covered in Alexander Henry fabrics. Lauren also has beefcake fella versions for all of your best gay boyfriends. $13 per pair.

Chopula and Chobs from Dreamfarm

Dreamfarm is a brilliant Aussie company with re-thought kitchen classics. Take their Chopula. It’s a spatula that also chops. Whack that omelet into thirds when a surprise breakfast guest rings your doorbell. It’s also designed to rest on the counter with the business end up in the air—so you can offload your spoon rest (or cross it off your list of things to buy someday. I haven’t managed to get around to buying one yet.)

Their Chobs squeeze onto the corners of your cutting board, elevating it up just enough so that you can flip it and use the other side. Less dishwashing=more smooching. Both items are $10 a piece.

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