Styled Out: Make the yuletide gay


‘Tis the season to be jolly and who better to tie one on about it with than the most fabulous part of the human race? Gay means happy and happy means gay and I’m gonna holi-gay it up with the most stylish gays of the season!

Last night the holiday of episode of Glee premiered and my most favorite fictional and real life gay Chris Colfer (AKA Kurt) looked stunning for the second week in a row in his new uniform. It’s so refreshing to have the all boys school idolized on the teeny silver screen for a change- I’m over all the plaid as I’m sure the rest of you are, too. Give me a dapper lad in a smart blazer singing Christmas Carols any day!

A high femme stepped out of the closet and into our hearts the other day. If you’ve been out for the count for the past few days or something, let me be the first to whisper the good news into your waiting ear: Amber Heard. The bangin’ hot actress is a total gay lady. I did you a favor and did some browsing of some recent outfits so we could all catch up. Merry Chrismahanukah, indeed.

You know who hasn’t gotten a lot of love since her split from the hot mess formerly known as Li-Lo? Duh — Sam Ronson. She’s stylin’ in the DJ booth and on the streets.

Who do you find the most stylish gay this year?

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