Morning Brew – Tuesday, December 7: H&M has gay couples in their holiday ads, Janelle Monae gives young lesbians advice


Good morning all! So nice to come back to all your lovely birthday wishes in yesterday’s Brew. And thanks to Heather Hogan for doing a fabulous job with the column while I was out. I can’t believe she Elfed Myself!

So, let’s see — what’s happened since I’ve been gone? Well Amber Heard spoke on the record about her partner and being out for the first time, which means there have been the typical ridiculous headlines like “Amber Heard admits she’s a lesbian.” I prefer any headline that says “Amber Heard celebrates being gay,” but that’s just me.

But her being a gay lady is news to many, well, straight media outlets, so there have been some lesbianish follow-up stories, like The Frisky’s list of “10 Hollywood’s Hottest Lesbians Under 35.” They should change the headline, though — half of their list identifies as bisexual, and Tila Tequila is just wrong.

It looks like H&M is getting inclusive with their holiday ads.

Now when they put one of their female models in some of their dude clothes, they’ll really have us figured out. (Thanks for the tip, Cardinal!)

Mother Jones talked with musician Janelle Monae about her love of androgynous wear, including tuxedos and suits. They asked what she would tell lesbian students who are barred from their proms or senior photos because they want to wear something similar.

Continue to just love and embrace the person that they are; don’t allow anyone to dim their light. Part of what my music represents is to stand up and be the voice of those who feel like they are not heard and want to be treated with respect regardless of race, color, orientation—android, cyborg, whatever.

Janelle makes those suits look so good. Who wouldn’t want to wear one?

A few months ago, we made a list of our favorite Lesbian and Bisexual Bad Asses. Moviefone followed suit and made their own list, including gay men, too. There are only three women on the list, but I enjoy their out-of-the-box picks of Tammy Metzler in Election and Libby Holden in Primary Colors.

Portia DeGeneres has turned down Dancing with the Stars, which means there is likely to be no same-sex dancing couple on the new season. writes that an “ABC insider” says:

She was the only star that could have pulled this off without completely offending the program’s conservative viewers. … producers have decided to wait a few years and not rush into creating a same-sex dancing couple just to get attention and publicity.

Perhaps they should concentrate on finding people who actually want to be on their show, no matter their sexuality or attention-grabbing appeal.

Al Bundy Modern Family star Ed O’Neill says he thinks his co-star Sofia Vergara deserved an Emmy over Jane Lynch.

I love Jane, honestly I do. I’m dying to star in one of Christopher Guest’s movies alongside her, but I don’t think she should have gotten the Emmy for that part. (Sue Sylvester) is just a one-note character.

Relax, Ed — there’s always next year.

Kyra Sedgwick and her castmates from The Closer have filmed a PSA in support of GLSEN. However, they still don’t explain where the lesbian character went.


It’s never too late to bring back Det. Mikki Mendoza.’s “Ask the Flying Monkey” column covered something that’s certainly relevant to us: “Is Peppermint Patty a lesbian?” Unfortunately, he says Peanuts creator Charles Schulz is on the record as having said she is not. However, we have all pretty much decided she is, so pick your side.

Logo is getting three new reality shows in 2011, and one of them will have a lesbian. Setup Squad will follow a group of matchmakers, including said lesbian, as they attempt to be wingmen to single gay men and women seeking a partner. It sounds kind of like that show Can’t Get a Date, which I loved. Setup Squad will premiere early next year. We’ll keep you posted.

You guys, what are Nicol Paone and Erin Foley doing in this photo with Sam True Blood?

All we know is it’s from an upcoming Funny or Die sketch, written by Erin. Imagine the possibilities!

Today on TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (check local listings), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), lesbian-themed All in the Family rerun (TV Land 6:30 p.m.), Set It Off (Encore Action 7:50 p.m.), Glee (Fox 8 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m. and midnight) and The Biggest Loser (NBC 9 p.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

I want to shout out a special thanks to reader srose12131 today for being awesome. And with that, I hope you have a fab day, all.

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