Morning Brew – Dec 6: Olivia Wilde strips, Chely Wright performs with the Indigo Girls


Brewbies, hi! Trish Bendix is out of town today, so she tasked me with giving you your morning shot of Sappho. I can’t tell you exactly where she’s traveling, but I can tell you she left headquarters dressed like this:

“Trish Bendix the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”

She also had a naughty/nice list in her hand and said she was headed north. (Oooh, some of you guys are rethinking your grumpy comments from this year, aren’t you? You didn’t know Trish had a direct line to Santa! Well, it’s never too late to avoid a “none for Gretchen Weiners” situation; start being nice immediately!)

Illustrating the naughty/nice conundrum today is Olivia Wilde, who stripped for Flaunt magazine for the holiday season.

Four for you, Olivia Wilde! You go, Olivia Wilde!

Chely Wright joined The Indigo Girls on CBS Early Show this morning. They performed a song called “It Really is a Wonderful Life” that Chely wrote for the Indigo Girls’ new holiday album, Holly Happy Days.



Chely sat down for an interview before the performance to talk about how she wants to be — I kid you not — a chipmunk. (Seriously, Chely, BE CUTER.) (You can’t; I’m joking. You’re so maxed out on cute my cheeks are swollen from grinning.) (Swollen like a chipmunk, Chely! We can get married now!)

Hey, did you know we talked to Amber Heard at GLAAD’s 25th anniversary celebration Friday night? (You should hop on over and check out our interview. She’s so articulate she’ll turn you into a puddle of swoon-y goo.) In addition to chatting us up (clearly the highlight of he night), she presented the Founder’s Award to Richard Jennings.



Remember that whole Kim Zolciak and DJ Tracy Young debacle from the days of yore? Oh, come on, you remember! Kim’s a Real Housewife of Atlanta and Tracy produced her “album” called Tardy to the Party. There was a shining moment on the Fauxmosexal-Time Continuum when Kim said they were girlfriends — but then she changed her mind and said “penis, penis, penis” about a gazillion times in interviews.

We were all wondering if Tracy would make an appearance on Real Housewives this season, and lo! last night she did. Kim introduced Tracy to her “vocal coach” like this: “This is Tracy, my biggest fan!” Tracy responded, ” “I’m not a fan; I’m a friend. There’s a difference!” And Karman Kregloe replied, “I’m not sure she knows there IS a difference!”

Here’s a bonus clip wherein Kim bosses Tracy around and then says the most awesome thing I have ever heard: “My vocal coach used to be pretty hard on me, but hopefully now that I’m making Tardy to the Party, she’ll know I’m serious.”



Speaking of Bravo, the gayest channel in the history of TV, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover launches its third season tonight and Tabatha will be on Watch What Happens Live afterward at 12:30. (You know we spoke to Tabatha last week, too, right? She’s my favorite.)

OK, OK, you can have one more photo of Trish Bendix in her elf suit, but if you want more, you’re going to have to check Facebook.

“Santa’s coming! I know him! I KNOW HIM!”

You know what will get you on Trish’s nice list speedy quick? Her birthday’s tomorrow; wish her a happy one in the comments!

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