The Weekly Geek: Lightsaber shopping


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or any other gift-giving early winter holiday, the madness of shopping season is in full throttle. For geeks – and the significant others of geeks, this can pose a dilemma: what do I get the nerd who has it all?

You (or your lady) probably have all the gadgets money can buy, the year’s best videogames, every graphic novel worth picking up, all the goods ThinkGeek can conjure, and nerdy T-shirts by the reams. But do you (or does she) have a lightsaber?

I09 put together its most amusing buyers guide of all time, simply titled “Your guide to holiday lightsaber shopping” full of helpful links to stores, communities and manufactures of light-up swords, with options for every taste and budget, the post is reasonably comprehensive.

It’s also hilarious. Featuring photos of actual duels and the geeks who host them, writer Esther Inglis-Arkell hits a goldmine when she quotes saber aficionado Ann Schapira, introduced as “battle organizer and aspiring Jedi.”

The best part is Ann’s extensive knowledge of Jedi lore. Every good Star Wars fan knows that a Jedi makes his/her own sword at the end of their training. Too bad George Lucas wasn’t in on it:

That’s actually one of the downfalls of the new movies. Each of the Jedi didn’t have their own saber. Fail, George Lucas. Fail.

Movie geeks of the indie breed, take note: the Sundance Film Festival has just released the list of finalist films that will be screened at the 2011 festival next month. While everything sounds intriguing, check out these selections with especially geeky/sexy premises:

Another Earth (Director: Mike Cahill; Screenwriters: Mike Cahill and Brit Marling) — On the eve of the discovery of a duplicate Earth, a horrible tragedy irrevocably alters the lives of two strangers, who begin an unlikely love affair.

Circumstance (Director & Screenwriter: Maryam Keshavarz) — A wealthy Iranian family struggles to contain a teenager’s growing sexual rebellion and her brother’s dangerous obsession.

Geek Tyrant has the scoop, complete with full lists of the flicks on offer. If you’re planning on attending Sundance (or just checking out what will surely be next year’s limited release darlings), have a look!

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