Morning Brew – Tuesday, November 23: Australia gets a show about a gay sci-fi club, Israel’s same-sex dancers get the boot


Hi guys and dolls!

Do I have some serious news for you, Australia! ABC is developing a series about a club of openly gay science-fiction geeks. I kid you not! It’s called Outland and is set to premiere in 2011. Christine Anu plays the head gay geek (read: lesbian) and is joined by four male actors so far.

So basically it sounds like a gay Big Bang Theory. I can get down with that!

The site Care2 has named Constance McMillen a holiday hero. This has got to be Constance’s worst/best year ever.

The female pair on Israel’s Dancing with the Stars was kicked off this week after coming in third. AE reader Michael told us that every couple had to use an item in their dance, and Gili and Dorit were assigned a mannequin — a male mannequin.


Israelis, you are all now relieved from your duty of having to watch that show.

Still chomping at the bit to see Black Swan? They’ve released a music video with scenes from the film, which should only make you crazier to see it.


If you’re in Seattle for the Thanksgiving holiday, you absolutely have to check out Fortune Feimster at Laughs Comedy Spot on Nov. 26 and 27. Find out more about the shows at And yes, that’s an order.

Out singer/comedian Lea Delaria performed as part of Broadway’s You Are Not Alone tribute to the Trevor Project last night. As you can see, she managed to out-butch all of the men in the room.

We have to wait until February 1 to hear the full MEN album, but I am loving the cover already.

Aleksa Palladino talked with New York Magazine about playing the Sapphically-inclined Angela on Boardwalk Empire. Since Angela and Mary are planning on running away to Paris together, the mag wanted to know why Paris. Aleska said:

I think that’s still a fairly new world, and it’s a new sort of dream for anybody who’s an artist — at that point, it wasn’t what it is today, being an artist was basically being worthless [laughs]. So the whole ideal that Paris represents for artists, and on top of that, for bisexuals or lesbians or whatever, it’s like Oz. It’s that magical place where we can just do our thing and no one’s gonna judge us — or worse.

Gay old Paris! Hopefully they can find Katherine and Robin and start a "lesbian characters exiled from TV" club.

Pixar employees have created an It Gets Better video about being different.


See? Creative people may have it rough growing up, but then they get older and make fun movies and get a lot of money for it.

Indigo Girls fans, head to The New Gay for a new song from Amy Ray and a video interview.

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