Chicks Getting Hitched: Working with a theme


There are few things I love more than throwing a good theme party. For several weeks before the event, I obsess over every detail – from choosing the perfect cocktail to accompany my menu to selecting decorations that are just right for my theme to orchestrating activities that will ensure my guests have the time of their lives. This OCD process is great fun for my girlfriend who has to endure repeated and lengthy discussions about all variety of party-planning minutiae.

Obviously, a wedding will be the biggest, most expensive “theme party” any of us ever host. And I’m here to report, dollies, that there are some pretty unique and imaginative things happening at weddings these days. That means we lesbian brides-to-be have some serious planning to do! So, I’ve rounded up some wedding trends I’m absolutely loving right now. Whether you’re about to walk down the aisle, are helping one of your gay gal pals plan her big day, or you’re simply considering all of your options for your fantasy future nuptials, read on for some ideas on how to create a wedding celebration is sure to be unique, memorable, and actually fun for you and your guests – which is, after all, the hallmark of any good theme party.

All things vintage

When it comes to our wardrobes and our homes, mixing old with new is a surefire way to create an original look. The same principle applies to weddings, and lucky for us, vintage goods are absolutely everywhere these days. So, there’s never been a better time to add some old-fashioned glamour to your modern marriage. You could do vintage in a big way by wearing your grandmother’s wedding dress (which I’m sure she dreamed would end up at a lesbian wedding back when she bought it in 1950).

Or you could incorporate the look in a subtler way by adding a vintage bowtie or antique cufflinks to a modern suit. Don’t stop with your attire when weaving vintage touches into your wedding. Perhaps you can arrange to arrive at your ceremony in a classic car instead of a predictable limousine, or consider using vintage postcards for your invitations. Serve your champagne in old-school coupes, or scour second-hand shops for an antique cake cutter or vintage vases and candlesticks for your centerpieces.

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