Morning Brew – Monday, November 22: Carmen Electra goes gay in a music video, watch Leisha Hailey on “CSI”


Good morning! I hope you are all excited about having a short week, care of Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday.

AE reader CardinalX tipped us off to this new music video from the band Filter featuring Carmen Electra getting lippy with another woman.

This isn’t Carmen’s first rodeo — she’s kissed many women before, and also starred as the bisexual vixen in Joan Jett‘s “ACDC” video.

Courtney Love has also done a ton of kissing both sexes, and she doesn’t mind sharing a recent TwitPic of her and a friend. I think it’s love.

Pro basketball player Ann Wauters is taking a break from the game because she’s pregnant — and so is her partner. Here’s her translated statement:

Lot and I are incredibly happy. I wish my team Ekaterinburg much success and I insist that my pregnancy does not mean the end of my sporting career.

Congrats! (And thanks to DeFrankie for the tip!)

Batwoman #1 will be available on Feb. 23. DC Comics writes of the first issue:

Batwoman faces bizarre new challenges in her war against the dark underworld of Gotham and new trials in her personal life as Kate Kane. She quickly finds herself in the deep end facing truths about her past and her future. Who – or what – is stealing children from Gotham’s barrio, and for what twisted purpose? Can she train her cousin Bette Kane (a.k.a. Flamebird) as her new sidekick? How will she handle dark revelations about her father, Colonel Jacob Kane? How is she dealing with the supposed drowning of her sister, the villain known as Alice? And why is a certain government agency suddenly taking an interest in her? The road to the answers begins here!

Wow, now that’s a lesbian with drama. Thanks Scorpio54!

Speaking of comics, has anyone ever read X-Women? Sequential Tart reviews the sometimes-Sapphic series in an article called “Butts, Butts, All I See is Butts.” Seriously!

Did anyone catch Leisha Hailey on CSI last week? You can watch the episode, “Wild Life,” at CBS’ website.

On today’s Oprah, lesbian author Tracy Stevens was among the Heroes nominated and selected to be part of the audience. Tracy co-wrote the book How to be a Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide with her partner Kathy Wunder.

Once Pretty Little Liars returns Jan. 3, reports that Emily “tells someone very important in her life about her sexuality in a scene that will leave your heart aching for her.” Considering she’s not out to many people, this leaves a lot of possibilities.

Truebies, you can buy Sophie-Ann’s mansion for $35 million. But it’s not in the deep South, unfortunately, it’s in Malibu.

Jane Lynch and wife Lara Embry looked adorable out shopping in LA this weekend.

Today on TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (check local listings), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m. and midnight), Public Speaking (HBO 10 p.m.) and That Time of the Month (Logo Mon/Tue 4 a.m.). (Thanks Roni!)

Come back later today for an interview with Kayla, the most recent lesbian contestant from America’s Next Top Model, a second helping of Thanksgiving recipes in Good Taste and more.

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