Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (November 19, 2010): “Mississippi Damned” comes to DVD, Jane Lynch is not joining “The Muppets”


Verbotene Liebe. The German soap is employing two characters for a new lesbian relationship. Actors Jasmin Lord and Romina Becks seem up for the “challenge” of kissing another woman, so we have high hopes.

Hide/Seek. The Smithsonian’s exhibit features several images of LGBT icons and iconic art. So now you can view Annie Leibovitz‘s images of Ellen in a coconut bra in the flesh.

Cher. The legendary performer has made a point of discussing Chaz’s gender identity and transformation in several Burlesque interviews. Above all, she’s been honest about the process of acceptance, and nothing shows more than her love for her son.

Sapphire. The bisexual author will publish a sequel to her best-seller Push. Here’s hoping it’s not as depressing, but just as queer, as the first. Also, the return of Paula Patton Ms. Rain would be much appreciated.

Heather Peace. The lesbian actress said she has high hopes for a second season of Lip Service, and has enjoyed the success of season 1, especially since she now has an even bigger fanbase showing up at her concerts in the UK. website for teenage girls has hired Tegan and Sara to answer questions on sexuality. We wonder who has the job of sorting through the questions into piles labeled “Appropriate” and “Way Too Personal” and “I Am Not Asking Them That.”

The Kids Are All Right. Whether you liked the film or not, you can be happy the writers changed the ending from its original, in which Mark Ruffalo‘s character joined the happy family. See? It could have been worse.

Boardwalk Empire. Angela is intent on maintaining her relationship with Mary, despite their husbands trying to get in the way. How annoying!

Chavela Vargas. The out lesbian Latin musician is 91 and still making music. She talked with NPR this week about how she’s had to fight for a lot of things in her life, but never once considered being in the closet. She’s also in the movie Frida, so she’s been this close to Salma Hayek.

Sarah Lloyd. The Crittenden County School Board in Arkansas is allowing the 17-year old lesbian to have her graduation picture taken while she’s wearing a tuxedo. Lloyd was initially told by her principal that she could not wear a tux in the photo and would instead be required to wear the “drape” that haunts so many of our senior portraits. quotes Lloyd as stating, “I feel if I was wearing the drape I’d be someone that I wasn’t and I am really not down for all that. I wanted to show the school am not out to please them and I am who I am. They just need to accept it.” The School Board’s vote in favor or a tux-clad Lloyd was unanimous, and we’re sure that she’ll look positively dashing.

The Muppets. Jane Lynch recently told reporters that, despite rumors to the contrary, she’s not attached to the film. Lynch said, “They haven’t asked me. I would do it if they asked me.” OK, we’re asking. Kermit, can you please make this happen?

Cindy McCain. The senator’s wife reneged on her support of repealing DADT via Tweet. Thanks for nothing, Mama McCain.

Grey’s Anatomy. While Arizona is out of town, it seems Callie isn’t going to be moping as much as she might be making out. See what happens when you have a baby, Jessica Capshaw?

Rachel Maddow. Relax, we’re not really angry with RMad. We’re just a little hurt that she will never run for office. (Rachel Maddow 2012.)

America’s Next Top Model. Lesbian contestant Kayla was kicked off this week in a two-girl elimination in the final four. She was robbed and, to make matters worse, she was sent home with bright red hair.

Frontierville vs real life. It looks like that Facebook application is good for something: CEO Mark Pincus said there have been more than 650,000 same-sex marriages in the second life game. Then you realize this is more than you can have IRL and it becomes a sad statistic.

Allwetter Zoo in Muenster. Zookeepers are attempting to separate a pair of gay vultures that have been together for 14 years and force them to breed because the Zoo is in need of some babies. Well, guys, you can lead a horse to water …

The U.S. Marine Corps. The annual Chelsea Piers “Toys for Tots” charity party was forced to change its name this week “after a stern reprimand” from the Marines Corps. The Marines don’t want their own “Toys for Tots” charity to be confused with the gay one. What will now be known as “Holiday Gifts for Children and Seniors” was launched 25 years ago as a holiday service opportunity for the gay community. Yes, Scrooge is alive and well and all decked out in a Blue Dress uniform.

Homophobic high schools. Two out Oklahoma students are not being allowed to re-enroll and graduate because their principal doesn’t agree with their “lifestyle choices.” We, on the other hand, fully support the lifestyle choice that includes graduating from high school. Their lesbianism is neither a “lifestyle” nor a “choice” so chew on that, Principal Gina Hill.

Willow Palin. Sarah’s 16-year-old daughter used the F word (the one that rhymes with maggot) and other offensive grammar to defend her mom’s new TLC show on Facebook. Later, her older sister, Bristol, apologized, but has yet to say she’s sorry for the ridiculously bad performing she’s done on Dancing With the Stars.

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