Morning Brew – Thursday, November 18: Tegan and Sara give girls advice, Portia is accused of being sexist


Morning! has hired Tegan and Sara as advice columnists. So far, they’ve answered “How do I know I’m gay?”, “How do I tell a gurl I like her?” and how to deal with a religious mom who won’t accept that her daughter is pansexual. So how do you tell a girl you like her, Tegan and Sara?

Well, there are a lot of ways. You could ask her out, you could write her a letter, you could tell her in person. I think first you have to be sure she likes gurls and that she likes you. If you think she does, then jump in! I know a lot of people who had bad experiences in high school with asking gurls out because people were still judgmental about gay people. So just be sure that whatever you do it doesn’t cause you more grief than its worth. That being said, be brave and be who you are! You never know!

So if you have a question for T&S, head to to ask.

There’s a new website (it’s NSFW, FYI) called This means that women who visit it are only interested in boobs, not “the vag.” Boobs Only Lesbians, as far as I’m concerned, do not exist.

In this video from STV, Heather Peace says she is hoping for a second season of Lip Service. She also talked about the sex scenes:

I think every sex scene has a reason. I think there’s different emotions behind each one. I personally don’t think it’s gratuitous. It may be gratuitous for some people, but then don’t watch it. It’s about time that lesbian sex was portrayed in more than just a pornographic way. It’s about emotion, it’s about love, it was about whatever it was about, other than just that.

Dear Tegan and Sara, how do you feel about sex scenes in Lip Service? Signed, Trish.

In something I feel disturbed about, a woman named Vivian Von Queef is a lesbian. At least that’s what she told Howard Stern before, uh, vagina singing “Silent Night.”

India’s Big Boss is just like Big Brother and one of its competitors, actress Dolly Bindra, was called a lesbian by her housemates. After leaving the house, she cleared things up saying she is not, so obviously her roommates were just trying to insult her. Awesome!

South African writer Michelle Macfarlane‘s new novel The Au Pair is based on the true story of an older woman falling for a young lesbian. At the launch party, she brought her partner and talked with fans about why she wrote it.

[Women] would say to me “if you don’t write this story – I will!” I thought I would just write everything, with the idea that I would leave it out later when it was edited. But in the end, much of the, ahm, scintillating details were kept.

How cute are they? Now I need to read this book.

A group of Columbia University students are premiering a new web series called Q: The Series and The New Gay talked with them about what they’re trying to say about sexual and gender identities. Here’s their trailer:

Star Julia Horowitz told TNG:

here were two events that really inspired the series. One was an on-campus discussion I went to called “Where’s the BTQ in LGBTQ?” where we were going to discuss some of the prejudices that this portion of the acronym suffers because of the big LG. And I was shocked to see how few people who identified as gay and lesbian came to this discussion. It ended up being more of an informational session where we discussed what different terms meant such as queer, transexual, pansexual, which ended up being a pretty interesting discussion. However, I couldn’t help feeling that a potentially great conversation was lost and it made me realize that the BTQ community doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves.

Q: The Series debuts in January.

Portia DeGeneres is being accused of sexism in Australia for allegedly refusing male interviewers. Well then she’s obviously homophobic, too, as we have yet to talk with her as well.

In other Portia news, she says she’s upset with Prime Minister Julia Gillard for continuing to treat gays like “second class citizens.” She told ABC Radio:

I always thought Australia would pass this equal rights law . . . long before America would. [I’m] a little bit disappointed in the new prime minister. But I am hoping Australia will be a leader in this.

Thanks to Kate and Ruth for the tips!

Today on TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (check local listings), lesbians on Deliver Me: Home Edition (Discovery Health 11 a.m.), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), lesbian-themed rerun of Cold Case (TNT 3 p.m.), House (USA 3 p.m.), Iron Chef America with Cat Cora (Food Network 8 p.m.), re-run of Jane Lynch on iCarly (Nick 5 p.m.), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC 9 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m. and midnight). (Thanks Roni!)

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