The Hook Up: 11-17-2010


I’m currently living in London after having been in the midwest for several years. The only way I can get home for holiday to see mummy and da’ is to take a ridiculous flight through AirFrance that gives me a 24-hour layover in Paris.

Now about two to three years ago, back in the good ol’ midwest, I had myself a hearty helping of a Parisian woman, baked, battered and triple fried in a random, 3 a.m. threesome. A "friend" (now considered scum — probably in part for actions such as these) of mine at the time called me at 2 a.m., said, "Hey, I have a Parisian couch surfer who’d be interested in getting it on with me and another girl. I immediately thought of you!" Of course, wanting to hear my name said in a sexy accent, I said "oui."

We had a lovely time, and I think I even saw her later the next day. We friended each other on Facebook, but haven’t spoken since. Would it be completely out of left field to contact this girl again? I’m not interested in bedding her (though I wouldn’t be against it). I’d just like someone to show me where to get "un baguette."- Menage-a-twat

Anna says: Not at all. Unless by “baguette” you mean something lascivious, which you probably do because you’re such a slut and all. Just kidding, Menage. She’ll probably be surprised to hear from you, but the odds are in your favor that she’ll remember who you are at least. No need to be shy about your past encounter when contacting her. It’s likely that a girl who’d have an impromptu, late night booty call threesome while couch surfing probably won’t balk at an email.

There is a girl who is in a lot of my college classes and she is also my lab partner. She is really hot and I’m pretty sure she knows I’m gay (but it’s hard to tell because I’m really "girly"). Anyways, she makes a lot of intentional physical contact during lab (like grabbing my hands, whispering stuff in my ear, and getting really close to ask me questions about stuff). But I think she has had boyfriends in the past and she’s in a sorority (not that gay girls can’t be in sororities, it’s just not common here).

This week she asked me to go out to a popular club that a lot of LGBT people go to, and I, of course, said yes. So my question is, how do I know she is into me and not just being the typical touchy feely girl? And should I try and flirt with her at the club or let her just flirt with me?

Anna says: Girl, how many more signs do you need? She ASKED YOU OUT. Yes, she’s into you. Have you noticed her grabbing other people’s hands and inviting other girls to queer clubs? I’m gonna guess not. Flirt with her already! Dance with her. Whisper sweet nothings in her ear. If you’re feeling brave, make a move, but judging by her touchiness, you probably won’t even have to because she’ll make one first.

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