Styled Out: Not-so-straight jackets


A couple of weeks ago, I was going on and on about best bitter weather protection for your hands, and with winter moving into full force, I’ve had my eye on a jacket or two.

First in line is a jacket that, at first glance, might bring to mind Nancy Drew. But I actually think it’s more Annie Hall and, last I checked, Woody Allen is still in style.

With the high collar it’s perfect for when it gets good and blustery out there. Throw on your favorite pair of sneakers, a peacock blue knit cap and walk the streets in warmth and style. Buy it for yourself ModCloth.

Are you someone loves to put the “fun” in functional? Fine. I have a hard time looking at jackets that don’t have tons of flair or what I would consider interest as a part of the design, but I feel you. Patagonia is a classic that some will automatically associate with frat boys but they know what they’re doing over there. The Stretch Element Jacket is everything you could want — it’s waterproof, breathable yet super warm and best of all, it’s slim fitting, meaning you can actually see that you have a shape under all of that bundling.

I can’t lie; I love a good puffy coat. I especially like it if they look like they jumped right out of the 1970’s and into my life, so I was really happy to find this down parka by Brooklyn Inudstries.

I consider them to be the newer, more hip Gap; everything they carry is pretty classic, it’s just a bit more en vogue than the original in generic staples. They have heavier, more industrial but more “plain” options, too.

What coat are you sporting this winter?

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