Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (November 12, 2010): “The Lesbian Love Octagon” thrills, “The Good Wife” delivers


Vanessa Selbst. The only openly lesbian professional poker player won the Partouche Poker Tour’s Main Event in Cannes. You may insert a joke about trumping a straight here: _________.

The People’s Choice Awards. Lots of gay and gay-friendly shows and performers are official nominees, including Ellen DeGeneres, Lady Gaga, Jane Lynch, True Blood, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family. The show will air January 11, 2011 and will be hosted by Queen Latifah. Vote early and often!

The L.A. Clippers. The NBA team is hosting “Equality Night with the Clippers” at their Feb. 2 game against the Chicago Bulls. A portion of ticket sales will go to Equality California, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization. It’s a slam dunk for progress!

Lesbian families. According to a study done at UCLA, lesbian families have an extremely low rate of child abuse. Really low. Zero percent, in fact. Yes, it was a small sample size (78 children), but still! The study also showed that daughters of lesbian parents were more likely to have same sex experiences. As noted, “Surely homophobes will point to the data as evidence that lesbian moms turn girls gay. Those girls might then grow up to become lesbian moms themselves, thus perpetuating a vicious cycle in which children are repeatedly not abused. Clearly it’s time to panic.”

Edie Windsor. One half of the lesbian couple featured in the documentary Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement, has filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act. Windsor is seeking the return of the $350,000 she paid in estate taxes after the government failed to recognize her marriage (after a 44-year engagement) in 2007 in Toronto to Thea Spyer, who passed away in 2009.

The Big C. The Showtime series has given us a first look at its new lesbian couple, who will appear in the series finale on Monday. Better late than never!

The Family Tree. Myriad has acquired the international rights to this film directed by Vivi Friedman, which features Selma Blair as a teacher who is having an affair with her student, played by Madeline Zima. We’re so thrilled to get a film that depicts a lesbian relationship that we’re going to ignore what looks like a really terrible wig worn by Blair. At least we hope it’s a wig.

Portia DeGeneres. The actress isn’t ruling out an appearance on the U.S. version of Dancing With the Stars. Inspired by the popularity of the female dance team on Israel’s version of the show, the U.S. DWTS wants to follow suit with DeGeneres and a female dance partner. Would the Chicken Dance be considered a modern form?

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office. Andrew Shirvell, the assistant state attorney general accused of harassing a U. of Michigan student leader because he promoted a “radical homosexual agenda” has been fired. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

The Good Wife. File this item under “Finally!” Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) finally had a real onscreen hookup with a woman (her ex, played by Lili Taylor). We do not object!

Lesbians on Is She Really Going Out with Him? The MTV show about women who date jerks has included a female louse in the mix. In this week’s episode, “Miss Ogynist,” we met Alexandra and her “inexplicably chauvinist girlfriend Angela” who would “rather hang with her “bromos.” Hey, Angela, The Real L Word is still casting for Season 2, and we think you’d be a great fit!

Glee. Much to the dismay of Brittana fans, the show seems to be setting up a Brittany/Artie relationship. It’s too bad that Seth and Amy aren’t still teamed up on SNL, because this plotline deserves the “Really!?!” treatment.

Adam Corolla. While promoting his new book, In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks, the former Man Show host told that straight parents are better than gay ones. “I’d rather my kids were raised by a heterosexual couple rather than a gay couple, all things being equal.” Guess he hasn’t had a chance to skim through that UCLA report.

Reality TV taking a toll on relationships. Christina, from The Bad Girls Club, and her girlfriend Lauren are on the rocks. Christina told the Miami New-Times, “Going through a situation like this is a really hard thing; it’s a huge wear and tear on a relationship. It’s one day at a time. I am an open person, but for her it was something way different to have her whole life out there.” Reality TV is detrimental to real life? Shocking.

Homophobes at St. Charles North High School. Some of the students at the Illinois school wore “Straight Pride” shirts during an anti-bullying campaign at the school. The text on the back of the shirts was even worse, containing “a biblical verse calling homosexuality an ‘abomination’ and saying those who perform homosexual acts shall be ‘put to death.'” The three students voluntarily agreed to black out the biblical quote, were allowed to wear the shirts the rest of the day, and were not punished. So much for a teachable moment.

Ex-Lord Mayor John Fareham. Inga Jorgensen claims the politician regularly referred to her as “foreigner,” “woman” and “wonk” and accused her of having “lesbian hair” when she worked for him as a support officer. He also called her a lesbian for refusing to make him a drink. Fareham’s conduct is currently under investigation. The site featured a game “Gay-Bus” which allowed players to run over gay sailors. The game has since been taken down, with a note from the programmer, Ryan Pridgeon, explaining, “Had a few LGBT activists carrying out personal attacks. I have nothing against any group of people. I made this 4 years ago for god knows what reason. Sorry.” By “personal attacks,” we’re pretty sure he did not mean that LGBT activist were attempting to run him down with buses.

Homophobes at Albion College. Two students burned a gay Pride flag on the campus of Albion College in Michigan last month. Salaina Catalano, a third student who witnessed the event and did nothing, came forward and apologized to Break the Silence — a student organization promoting the rights and awareness of LGBT people.

Dr. Jeff Gardere. The clinical psychologist and CNN expert stated in a segment that having a gay child is every parent’s “worst nightmare” — even gay parents. When asked for a comment by after viewers complained to CNN, he apologized and took “full and total complete responsibility for using that unfortunate choice of words,” urging readers to “Google my name, you’ll see anything that I’ve ever written or said about sexuality has always been 100% positive for whatever someone’s sexuality might be.” We suspect the whole incident embodied his worst nightmare.

Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School. The Australian school wouldn’t allow Hannah Williams and her girlfriend, Savannah Supski, to attend the annual spring formal dance together. But the girls’ parents were supportive, filing a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Commission and allowing Williams to change schools (she’ll now attend school with Supski). This little stunt cost the Itawamba County School District $81,000 in damages when they pulled it with Constance McMillen in Mississippi. Ivanhoe had better ramp up their bake sales!


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